Apple Watch Sport

Is this the original or series 1?

I want to know the same!

Howdy all. This is the 1st generation.

Does this come with the original packaging?

The refurbished ones will not come in the original packaging.

Sorry still confused about which “series” this watch is. I guess apple decided to not follow the traditional generation labels. All I can find on their website is “Series 0 or Series 1 or Series 2” thanks for the clarification!

It’s the very first one that came out so I assume Series 0 by that designation.

Unless it says it’s “Series 1” then it’s the older ones… meaning 1st Gen, which is meaningless since that’s our word and not Apple’s, but about the only way to distinguish it.

“Series 1” is 2nd Gen.

Also, the price is kind of a give-away.