AquaSonic PRO - UltraSonic Whitening Smart Toothbrush

AquaSonic PRO - UltraSonic Whitening Smart Toothbrush

How does it compare to Oral B or Sonicare? I currently use Oral B but my electric toothbrush is dying.

Sonic, but not ‘UltraSonic’. This is one of many companies that falsely advertise their sonic brushes as ultrasonic. There’s a big difference.
There’s a huge difference in frequency range between sonic and ultrasonic.
Big difference in price range. A true ultrasonic will cost around $200.
Different in how it cleans. Sonic only uses vibration to move the bristles enough to aid in brushing. Ultrasonic uses pressure waves that can actually break up plaque, even below the gum line. Ultrasonic can also kill bacteria.
Ultrasonic is what your dentist uses during cleaning.
Ultrasound is used in medical applications, in industrial cleaning, even at your jeweler’s to clean your rings.
Don’t believe me? Look it up.


This is a knockoff of the Phillips Sonicare. There are no refills for it, however you can use Sonicare brush heads. They fit perfectly.

Ahem. Replacement heads

I have 2 of these without the charging cup that i paid 20 dollars each for. i replaced the rotating head toothbrush and would never go back. the charge lasts a long time as one set was for work and vacation and after a week using it never needed a recharge. and yes there are multiple places t get the heads from. both of mine came with enough heads for a year and a half. for 20 dollars even if they did not have replacement heads it would be worth it to buy another new one.

I bought one of these elsewhere, without the charging glass, and overall it works great. Mine came with a total of 8 brushes, enough for 2 years of use. As shivathedestroyer mentioned, the battery lasts a really long time, and my teeth feel really clean/smooth pretty much all the time now. My only complaint for the one I have is that the charging base if somewhat wobbly, but it looks like the charging glass mitigates that issue for this one.

Charging base doubles as a rinse cup. Can you say GROSS!

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Bought the two-pack awhile back on woot. great toothbrush and much impovement over the rotating head brush I had before. Pretty aggressive, teeth feel really clean after and I actually use the brush for the full two minutes using the automatic timer.
would definitely buy again.

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Thanks for this. Without looking closer I might have thought I was buying a Sonicare.

This may be similar to a Sonicare.
At least Sonicare doesn’t advertise their sonic brushes as ultrasonic, at least they weren’t the last time I saw their ads.

Actually the nice thing about the charging glass is that it catches all the crud and gunk that would end up on the charging base, as all Sonicare users know.
All you have to do is rinse the glass once in a while.

I have two basic questions for anyone who owns/uses these AquaSonic brushes:

  1. Is the “glass” made from actual glass or from plastic? and…
  2. Can the charging stand be used without the glass?

For what it’s worth, I do notice that AquaSonic doesn’t technically advertise the brush as “ultrasonic”, but instead says it has “an ultrasonic motor”. I’m guessing since 20,000 Hz is about the absolute top of the range for human hearing they are considering a motor that runs at 40,000 Hz to technically be “ultrasonic” - but that is really stretching the definition… and their credibility. In addition, they also say something about “inverted frequencies” in Whiten Mode - all of it is nothing more than advertising-speak so take it all with a grain of salt.

Ultrasonic technically means above 20,000 Hz (vibrations per second), but this one is 40,000 vibrations per minute which is equal to 667 Hz. Not ultrasonic in any way, shape, or form. I’m not saying this is a bad product, but it’s exhausting when the marketing department gets free reign to bullshit without any regard to facts. And calling a water glass “revolutionary”? WTF!?