Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

Why is the 3 camera set more expensive than the 2 cameras + an add-on?


Ok somebody with this setup give me the skinny. Do you have to pay for the monthly service or can you record locally?

Looks like you can record locally.

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Short answer: You can record on external USB devices after the trial subscription ends.

More complete answer: With the Arlo Pro 3 or Arlo Ultra devices, after the service ends, you can record to a USB device up to 2TB (limited to the FAT32 file system max capacity). You will also not have access to the e911 response to notifications, no more smart alert zone configurations (to tell the cameras not to alert you if a car drives by, but to definitely alert you to someone approaching, etc.), and the local storage has limited use; You can view live streams of your cameras without the subscription at any time or place, but recorded footage will need to be pulled from the USB device, loaded onto a computer, and then viewed from there.

If you want to be able to fully utilize the smart capabilities of the camera and software, the stronger alerts, and view both live and recorded footage, then you’ll need to re-up your subscription.

One alternative would be to pick up the Arlo Pro 2 system, which offers free cloud storage for its cameras for up to 7 days (revolving). It does have a few other limitations, beyond being “only” 1080p, but I’ll let you do that homework.

Hope that helps.


You can record locally but you have to pull the memory to view it. Pro 2 is the way to go for free local storage and viewing in app. andthentherwerenone is correct.

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