Arlo Security System w/ 3 Cameras & Gen4 Pro Base



Arlo Security System w/ 3 Cameras & Gen4 Pro Base


Too bad woot/amazon screwed the pooch on the comment setup. seems like a dying community. Used to have a lot more comments on most of the tech products. Not a peep on most listings now… makes me sad…:cry: I think they figured out that no comments is better than critical ones…


Yeah, I do miss the comments on woot.

Anyways, I was thinking about getting this. We’ve had a couple robberies by us. Luckily we only had one package of cat food stolen, and it was so dark that the neighbors Ring didn’t catch the dude’s face. They’ve had 8 (!!!) packages stolen. So, I’d be doing us all a favor… I just wonder HOW good the night vision is, for this kind of $.


Comments are actually up. Side events never got much in the way of comments. :slight_smile:

We just don’t have the comment count on the Discuss button yet. It’s coming though.


Been using Arlo for over a year now. Like a lot. Pro is better but not so sure about battery life. Also, this price (Dec 2018) is better than Walmart or Sam’s.