Ask Woot! Anything: Vendor Managers (aka Buyers)


Welcome to our second in the “Ask Woot! Anything” series where we yank staffers from anonymity and put them in the forums with you to answer questions! Nothing is off limits! That doesn’t mean we’ll answer everything. A little bit of mystery is good in a relationship, right?

So gather up your questions. Warm up your typing hands. We’re ready for you! Well, we’ll be there anyway.

:spiral_calendar: Date: Friday, May 1

:clock2: Time: 2-3pm CT

:desktop_computer: Where: Right here in this thread

If you are Time Zone Challenged like me, here’s a handy dandy chart:

Zone Begin End
PT 12pm 1pm
MT 1pm 2pm
CT 2pm 3pm
ET 3pm 4pm


Well, you! And these brave souls from our Woot! Vendor Management team:

@vtalada - Sr Manager, Vendor Management
@Mithrandir2020 - Manager, Electronics Team
@vicentk - Manager, Computers Team
@ajitn - Manager, Sports & Outdoors Team
@HollyTech - Sr. Vendor Manager, Tools & Garden Team
@AJsarrett - Sr. Vendor Manager, Home & Kitchen Team
@bananasaurus - Program Manager for Amazon Clearance Program

These are the people that get the product that we sell on our site.

See you then!

Hello, Bananasaurus here. My team runs most of the items that show up on the clearance page and bargain bin type events. Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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I am a serious guy. I will answer q’s seriously.Seriously.

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Why so serious?

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@vtalada here. I manage the Vendor Management team at Woot. We are a team of buyers who work with our vendors to bring you the deals that you like (and sometimes do not like :wink:). We are responsible for identifying and evaluating the deals as well as merchandising them on our site. Look forward to our conversation!!

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@HollyTech here - I manage the Lawn & Garden category as well as Lighting and Automotive. Looking forward to chatting this afternoon and getting Wooty with it.

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HI there! @Ajsarrett reporting to answer your burning Woot questions. I am a Vendor Manager on the Home team and buy Floorcare and Home Environment (AC’s/Fans,etc) for the site. Around the office, it’s well known that I’m the coolest person at Woot and I’m sure they would all agree that I have the largest brain in the building, that’s how I earned the nickname “Megamind”…. I work closely with all the buyers on the Home team and can answer most questions about those categories. Can’t wait to chat with all of you!


You are the only reason I buy things on woot.

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With all the algorithms and artificial intelligence woot is using, how long until your jobs are done 100% by robots?

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@vicentk here! I manage all PC categories at Woot. Looking forward to answer all your questions!

My dream job would be a buyer for woot. I’ve been in the CPG world for 20+ years in sales.


Let’s get started with your questions!

we will use the robots to bring even better deals to you! and you need people to control the Woobots :grinning:


Maybe we are robots #westworld


What is your overall cost per bag of crap to produce and mail out?

Where do you get the items for bags of crap?

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