ASTAK MOLE Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi IP Camera

200+ reviews Over Here (4 stars)

A FosCam on amazon is only around $60 and is exactly the same. This is a big skip. The FosCam also comes on matte finish in black or white.

Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

I have 8 Foscams in operation and they appear similar except for the on-board DVR capability. The Foscams have quite a learning curve if you aren’t familiar with port forwarding, installing an update client, and setting up a host domain, but once you figure it out setting up new cameras can be done in 10 minutes. My first install took 4+ hours, much tenacity, and half my hair. If these ASTAK are as easy as advertised I would have gladly paid the difference and them some.

Does anyone know how the ASTAK DVR function works? Can it be set to record the full capacity of the memory card and then continue recording while deleting the oldest video? The Foscams can also be set to record video or stills upon motion, but the data is stored on the viewing/controlling device, i.e., iPad or phone. But this quickly eats up memory and is far from ideal.

In general these IP cams are great for remote monitoring of a business or home, keeping an eye on kids, and work well as baby monitors. There are a plethora of apps, at least for the Foscams, that allow 2-way audio (walkie-talkie style), and complete remote control of all camera functions including IR illumination, motion detection, recording, preset positions, image control, notification by email, etc.

There are also hosting services for continual recording with the Foscams, but depending on the number of cameras the monthly cost is not negligible and starts around $15/month for one camera. So while these are great for live monitoring, they differ from a conventional DVR-based security system in that reviewable recording is not built-in.

Does this support Power over Ethernet?

It is only indoor right? unless there is some kind of a shield for outdoor.

Doesn’t actually upload to youtube as advertised. Youtube blocked access more than a year ago. ASTAK customer support, in my experience, is essentially nonexistent.

I may be an early adopter here but I have 5 PCs and laptops ALL running Windows 7 - are these incompatible?
“System requirement: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/SO/XP/Vista/MacOS”

Looks like the G4 people didn’t think it was remarkable. I’ve had something like this, with it’s built in DVR, etc. It worked OK for a cheap $60 cam. But I had to reset it every few weeks and it was only 802.11g so the signal wasn’t always the best (router on one side of the house, cam on the other). Under MOST conditions, it’s kinds like watching a slide show regardless how fast your network is. I wanted an inexpensive camera that allowed pan/tilt/zoom. At the time, any outdoor unit was 2 or 3 bills. Not many typical home units like this that are for outdoor too. You have to incase them in a dome and then, they get glare/feedback from the IR lights at night which makes them kinda useless. You would be better off just getting a DLink day /night camera for much less. They are wide angle and recordings are very smooth (day or night).

Haven’t noticed any owners commenting on the real world resolution. We had a nice(?) Samsung DVR/camera security package that claimed VGA resolution. But as a real security system it was only good for seeing that something was happening, not who was doing it. The hard drive failed and due to the weakness of the cameras (and crappy user interface), we didn’t bother fixing it.

We swore our replacement system will need to be High Def even though the IP-based cameras that support it are significantly more expensive.

Awaiting the mainstream vendors bringing high def pricing into reasonableness (with functional goodness) since it seems you currently have to go specialty/professional and big $ to get decent stuff.

(I realize a couple of the mainstream vendors sell the right stuff, but it is first gen for them.)

Not sure if they have changed, but I just bought the Foscam 8910W, and it did all of this automatically, I didn’t have to configure any of the port forwarding, or setup ddns. It uses it’s own domain. Actually kind of scary for people who don’t realize and don’t update the firmware and change the default password.

I’d love to get one of these for the house, but I can’t see buying anything anymore that’s not in HD. Every place online seems to be dumping these lowres cameras.

Indoor Only, you can sit it in a window… but the night mode will not work due to glare.

These, along with other wifi cameras such as FOSCAM, are nice toys but are not really reliable enough or provide good enough image quality to really work as a security solution. Cheap wifi cameras are plagued by low resolution (640x480 typical, though there are now some 720P units out there) and low FPS (frames per second) - in most cases you are lucky to get 2-7 FPS. On camera DVR solutions are also problematic as there is not enough processor power to really encode the video properly (quality image/video compression).

I sell and install higher end systems that are PoE (power over Ethernet), 1080P @ up to 30 FPS and connected either to a NVR (network video recorder) or to a software solution running on a PC. All of the cameras I sell/install have a 5 year warranty - indoor or outdoor. As mentioned before, these cameras are expensive, ranging from $450-$700 each not including installation.

A quality outdoor 1080P PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera can cost anywhere from $3500 to $20k depending on options such as optical zoom, etc… But for some business’ that is a small price to pay for securing your facility.

If you want something quality, look at Axis, SnapAV/Wirepath or Channel Vision. I typically install Wirepath as they have a manufacturers 5 year warranty.

Different perspective here… I just need something to set on the patio table to watch the kids on the side of the house (that’s where the playhouse is) while I’m inside. With this I can hear them and even talk to them? Sweet. Not high def? I ain’t recording memories here, just looking for a little more security for my youngins. :wink:

My wife tells me a friend of hers uses one of these to keep an eye on her chicken coop, likes it a lot.

In for one.

Do I have to use the website to control & view it or can I install software on my PC and totally divorce the company website?

I have a version of this installed at work. Its kind of awesome to be able to spy on people on my day off. With most of these the audio only works on windows machines using the IE browser. Other browsers dont have the proper plug in, video is fine. It an alarm that emails you pictures if movement is detected during specified hours, to get video live outside the LAN you need to get a dynamic DNS account ($20 a year). Overall these are very useful for small business or remote viewing needs, computer is only needed for initial set up but you will need a good wifi connection for high res video. I’m not sure what resolution you need, lower res versions of this go for $45-$65. Regards

Yes, this is an indoor IP camera.

The major difference is “easy setup procedure”. This camera is easy to setup. Using the included installation CD or using web setup procedure is really easy. You don’t need to do port forwarding in your router.