Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor

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Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Asus EEEPC900A-WFBB01 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor, 8.9" LCD, 1GB DDR2, 4GB SSD and Linux

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This is good for web browsing, but thats about it, the SSD needs to be swapped out for Windows XP

You could put XP on this if you had an external DVD rom drive. Really not a bad price.

There’s at least one 4 star review to be found on Amazon.

Can you upgrade it to windows?

Here is one of the best 16 gig upgrades for price to performance.

85 Bucks

Look for Mini PCI-E Sata

Can anyone give me a heads up on whether or not this would work well for a home schooler whose lessons are done completely online?

I know there are some online games that are inlcuded in his curriculum, would this have enough “umph” behind it to support it?

Can you delete the Linux partition and format it to NTSC for Windows XP? :smiley:

Bought this same model for 5$ more a few months back, upgraded the ram and ssd, and the machine runs sweet. Just shell out the 30$ more for a decent speed ssd (got a 16gb 90/55 from newegg for $53 and 2gb ram for 20$), you’ve still spent less than the price of a new netbook, and it’ll run wine applications speedily.

its even got its own wikipedia page!

That happy star cracker looks delicious

How hard would it be to use an external thumb drive to load Windows XP and boot from?

I wouldn’t run windows on 4 gigs of hard drive space, go for the 16 gig or higher upgrade if you have the money, they go up for 64 gigs for Mini PCi-E Sata.

Here it got decent reviews at CNET

Well reviewed on Buzzillions

Just keep in mind that it is a NETBOOK, so it’s limited in terms of upgrades/software support.

Is there any word processor software available to be installed on it? I’m not that familiar with Linux and it’s associated programs.

You can copy the windows XP to a thumb drive then install it.

not a bad deal imo. only cons are 4gb ssd and no XP. other than that, it is up to speed with other netbooks

Since it has 1GB RAM, is that a single DDR or split up on two 512’s?

It is 1gb stick. you can buy up to 4gb sticks now days but the 2GB DIMM’s are more mainstream.