Asus MeMO Pad HD 7" 16GB Android Tablet

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Asus MeMO Pad HD 7" 16GB Android Tablet
Price: $64.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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My personal experience with this tablet is bad bad bad. I originally bought 2 on Black Friday last year. Within 2 month the touch screen had stopped responding on 1. My daughter said she dropped it, so we contacted square trade and got a refund, bought another. Then the touch screen stopped working on the other, no drops. Sent it back to ASUS (around $12 Fed Ex shipping, since they don’t pay for it), they sent us back a different one. Then the 3rd bought one, touch screen unresponsive. Now when I say unresponsive I don’t mean the entire screen died, just sections of it. So it couldn’t even be unlocked. Sent that one back to ASUS as well, they repaired it and sent back the same one. Since then both the ones that ASUS has repaired have once again stopped responding. 1 we just sent it through square trade, and my daughter got a smart phone. The other still sits here dead. I don’t want to get it repaired yet again, because it seems to only keep working for a few months before it dies again. So I’ll probably be sending it back to square trade. Mine were all purchased NEW from Amazon. And this doesn’t even cover the problems with the sd card slot.

TL/DR, spend more $ for better quality. If you buy it, get an extended warranty if available. It will stop working.

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at and even better reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Good Reviews over at Amazon

my daughter has this exact model and has had it at least since december last year it was a gift from grandma. she has had zero issues at all with it. not a single one and for what it costs it runs great they have a excellent screen on them also

Believe me when I say that I feel for you and for all the troubles you experienced, but ASUS has proven itself to be a reliable brand, as attested to by the plethora of good reviews. My own experience has been that my ASUS G750 laptop and my ASUS N900 router have seen constant use since their purchase without a glitch, knock on wood! That said, anyone whose ever had an issue with a device for which they purchased extended coverage were glad they chose the added protection and, which is of course, a personal decision. I certainly wish you better luck with your purchases in the future!

I have this model and it has proven flawless. If you experiences repeated failures, I would look to how they were treated…They ARE, in fact, sensitive electronic instruments. I think we are sometimes lulled by the low prices into disrespecting these things.

This is a great tablet…Look at the specs. It is the equal of many new tablets selling for many times the price. It is a steal for $65…If I did not already have several tablets, I would buy a couple of these to put away for future reference.

I bought one of these back in August when they were $79 and thought it was a good deal. I would not hesitate to buy one of these again except mine is working fine- thought about getting in on this deal to buy one as a backup, but I’ll wait till the Gen 2 Nexus 7 refurbs are <$100.

This is an exellent deal.

I’ve heard that these are ok.

The one I bought for my daughter (7 1/2 at the time, now 9) has worked flawlessly. For a kid, this is a solid choice. Hell, even my wife would be fine with this tablet.

I wouldn’t mind getting one of these, except the combination of a refurbished unit, along with the limitation of only one year of an extended warranty, makes me wary.

Add a 2nd (or better yet, 3rd) year of warranty, at a reasonable price, and I’m all over this. But with brand new models going for $125, already with a warranty, and many credit cards offering to double a factory warranty when used to make a purchase, why take the chance on a refurb?

because it’s half the price and i’m not mean enough to make my kid use a 1GB ram tablet for longer than a year.

I bought one a few weeks past from woot with the bt kb deal, and it’s worked great so far (using it now to type this). It’s my first Android device but I think I’ll be getting another cause I like it a lot. The battery life is surprisingly good where I can use it for 2-3 days without charging it. From what I can see, it seems I can only update it to 4.2.2 without rooting it so keep this in mind if needing a later Android version.

These are CRAP! My wife bought three of them last year for gifts. All three have gone back to Asus because the screen stopped responding to touch. One of the ones that was repaired lasted less then a month before it stopped working again.

For what it’s worth, I’ve owned one for a year now and have had no problems with it. Love it.

Point missed, entirely. With an extended warranty, at a reasonable price, this is a bargain. Otherwise, not so much.

And if you’re worried about being “mean”, because you force your kid to use a 1GB ram tablet for longer than a year, maybe you ought to just buy them an Apple product? Then, at least, the magical fairy dust and unicorn farts will keep it working, and working better, forever! smh

Could tablet be used as an mp3 player, like a low cost ipod touch?


Got one, this exact model, very decent, zero problems. I keep it in a book-like easel cover and treat it like what it is, an electronic instrument that can be damaged if I’m a klutz. Use it mostly as an e-reader and research tool.

Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again as I purchased and returned some other brands before settling on this.