Australian Manuka Honey 25+, 500g/1.1 lb

Australian Manuka Honey 25+, 500g/1.1 lb

25+ what ???

Where is the UMF rating??
Where is the UMF trademark??

I’m a big supporter and user of Manuka honey,
but I also use UMF rated honey.

Nothing showing on the label… be wary.

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The numbers don’t seem to have a direct correlation to anything because it describes this one as “guaranteed to have a MG rating over 125+ mg/kg and a leposperin content over 100+ mg/kg.”

If you want the same size with the UMF grade, you’ll be paying for it from them…

Been curious about Manuka Honey for awhile so may try this one out.

It seems like their 25+ does not correspond to UMF 25+ but more like a UMF 5+:

It would be better if they were a little more forthcoming.

I buy this 250g size of UMF 10+ at Trader Joe’s for comparison:


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Hi All!

From the Vendor:

UMF is an organization in New Zealand that provides one of the rating scales for Manuka Honey. This has largely been superseded by MG or MGO test which is what we use on this honey and is what is most widely used in the US. Also as this is an Australian Manuka it is not eligible to be granted permission to use UMF logos, under their rules. However the honey is subjected to the same tests as UMF honey.

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I clearly need to take a few graduate courses before I am qualified to consume this honey. There I will learn why they put ugly m_____ f_____s and ground up British sports cars in honey for health reasons.

I especially like the part where they give you permission to consume a few tbsp’s per day of your own honey. Gee, thanks!