Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
COLOR: Natural, White
SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, XL


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This doesn’t look like wine…

Bring on the Twisted Oak Petite Sirah!!!


I ordered one of these for my wife in small (in natural, since they were then, and still are, out of small white), and it is very nice. Size-wise, it is more of a medium, but we haven’t washed it yet, so I can’t tell you about any shrinkage. One question asked last time was about which side the jacket buttons up, and the definitive answer is: BOTH! It has the buttons and holes to be buttoned either way, making it truely unisex. All in all, a very nice product!

Darn, these again. Still want, but I still can’t fit in the largest size even if I wanted to. Getting closer though, post this again in like a month or two!

No love for the bigguns. I’d be all over this (or rather, it’d be all over me) if they had a 2 or 3X

can you include some disparaging remarks from Gordon Ramsay about my knife skills or how sloppy my garnish looks?

Dayum…wine woot straight jackets! I’ve seen everything now.

TIP: Will not make you cook any better.

If someone would convince me that this is a good deal I’d go for it. There’s not enough info provided to convince me that this cotton chef’s jacket is significantly better than other jackets available elsewhere for the same price or less.

We need a like button.

yea, this shows really great once you get it. i should have somehow made this a labrat … quality garment.

I’ll take the time to address my own ignorance. I see it’s 100% cotton – not a blend, has excellent buttons, and is made by a family owned company. Ergo - Excellent value.

Skinny people are obviously not good cooks.

Any helpful info you can offer on the actual chest dimensions on the XL? I’m already in this time for XL for the hubby - but kinda worried that their measurements won’t quite be XL enough for other than skin-tight wear.

mine arrived last week, and I was actually wearing it around the kitchen last night.
A) My wife is making me order her one right now.

B) An XL fits larger than a typical XL, but I haven’t attempted washing yet to check shrinkage.

C)Being nothing more than an amateur chef, I have never owned a chef’s jacket, still don’t really know why I need one at home, and can’t compare it to anything else - but it seems well made, and will make me look like a hero at next year’s Easter fiesta.

From the pictures this thing seems to be tailored for a loose fit, unlike a tapered, more fitted version in 100% pima cotton I saw available elsewhere, discounted to $25.00 from the original price of $50.00

These are pretty accurate. It can vary on garments, but the cut on Chef Jackets is typically accurate to a size chart.

speaking for Doralice today (this very minute I believe she’s on flight home from Spain after 2 weeks of cheese and import goodie buying for her shop), these tend to run about 1/2 size larger than your standard size, plenty of room to move in and throw some dough in the air.

The last time these came up, aggeer posted a link to this incredibly helpful Chef Coat Sizing Chart.

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