Azpen X1 Dual Boot 10.1” Tablet with Windows 7, Android 2.2 & Multi-Capacitive Touch Screen

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Azpen X1 Dual Boot 10.1" Tablet with Windows 7, Android 2.2 & Multi-Capacitive Touch Screen
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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i only want it if it comes with the pencil.

While I would never pay 400 dollars for a refurbed tablet, I like this idea of dual boot tablets coming this way out of the box. Hoping to see more of this, maybe ICS/Win 8 dual boot tablet one day?

Sometimes I wish I had a money tree in my backyard…

There’s 50 of these.

Will this really be an I Pad?

I actually got one of these from deals.woot. Check these postings for my in-depth comments about it:

I know this isn’t very forward thinking and at some point we should all try to support “the little guy,” but does anyone else look at the brand name of these tablets and move on? I would pay more for an ipad 2 or a samsung to avoid the hassles of these no-name companies. It’s too early for a question like this, isn’t it?

Never heard of Azpen… Anyone know if it’s any good or does it suck az?

No. IPads are a different entity than tablet pc’s. This has a windows operating system, allowing you partial access to what you would normally use a computer for. An IPad is a gigantic IPod Touch, with a couple more features.

I would never drop 400 bucks on a no-name refurb tablet and I doubt I am alone. I am all about the concept of this tablet though, dual boot out of the box, upgradable ram. Those are nice.

Nope. Very good question. Some people can think/function at this hour. I kinda fall in the category of those that overlook the off brands. I don’t know why. I suppose it stems from being burned in the past. A long long past at that. Some of the newer off brands may be better, however if you have problems with it are you calling the 800 number to talk to “Peggy”?

Peggy has a nice voice.

So bummed I missed the blender while i was asleep last night. maybe they will put it back up!..

A “couple” more features? Clearly you have never used an iPad and its half a million apps, many of them for free. My iPad can do about 95% of what I use my computer for, including sending pictures and documents to my wireless printer. Oh, and it doesn’t blue screen like my computer does.

I just bought a Thrive from Toshiba. I know it’s not apples to apples, but it has a similar processor. ram and screen size, runs Android and not a dual boot, but also has two cameras, front and back, full-sized SD card slot, usb port, wi-fi, quick as a virgin on his wedding night, and only cost me $379.00 at my local Radio Shack.

I bet your computer is a HP.

Hardware-wise, this is basically the same as the original ViewSonic Viewpad 10

The Thrive looks awesome. How is the build quality? I got a Touchpad at firesale prices and it is built like garbage. Very buggy. Acts like it is possessed. And it is slower than my iphone 4.