Babysitters Only Club ksdfh33

…understood oh so many times when it said 66%, 82%, and so on…BUT 100%?? :zipper_mouth_face:

just have to work on the legislation to add Wootsday as the 8th day of the week, but you know how Congress is

CONGRESS, the action of coming together.
Maybe, since so many other names are changing… Maybe they should call themselves Digress?

Order was cancelled as I was placing the order for the pens, but I still have a payment pending for it on my credit card. Hopefully it clears without charging me… or my heartbreak will double. :frowning:

Yes, the charges are reversed automagically. What you’re seeing the authorization charge. That drops off when the actual charge doesn’t come through. How long that takes is up to your bank.

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I appreciate that someone other than me uses the term automagically

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Question i git my icon from woot years ago. My little picture. Has it changed to where you put your own picture on or woot still gives you one

Yes it has…

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Mine has shipped out. 6.3lbs

My Bake Oily Carp has shipped out in the 6.3 Lbs lot too.

The weight is an average for the lot, so someone may have gotten a heavy box and the rest of us have 6 oz of Texas Air. Or maybe we all got heavy boxes?

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