Bag o' Crap 9dhf7dd

Bag o' Crap 9dhf7dd

Finally!!! 1/5 today


Holy crap I finally got one!!!


Just chillen in the VoP like usual.

Edit: Got an error about the 31 day rule. Today is 31 days since my last BOC… @ThunderThighs

Cool. I got one! By seemingly really random happenstance. Well ok, thanks Woot!


Got one! First one in a while! I usually end up in the VoP…


BOOOOMM! My 1st bag of crap since they were $3 in 2012! PUUUUUMPED


Once again I missed out…glad I’m not disappointed overall its crap anywayz

1st one I’ve gotten in YEARS!


I’m confused if I get the motor waiting room do I hit the back button or refresh. Wtf hows it work??

At what point are you guaranteed the BOC? is it when you click the place your order button, or is it once you get to that screen after the VOP? I got to the screen after the VOP and I though I could take my time, guess not :confused:

ugh first time today I’ve been able to get into the vop and then nope.

Yes! Finally! I haven’t been able to score the good ole bandolier of carrots since 2014! I used to get these all the time back in the day. This is somehow, literally, my 20th BOC I’ve been able to to snag to date and I’ve been a member since 2006. Congrats to all that were able to get one!

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Crap? I got a talking Chuck Norris doll last time! Priceless!

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You can never take your time! I don’t really believe I’ve gotten one until I see the email confirmation and even then I don’t always believe it lol.

I made it in and out of the vestibule and got owned…sigh today is not my day

I have yet to get one and I’ve been a member since 2010… feeling crappy! On to the next one. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Its very discouraging when you miss all 8 opportunities you made it to the VOP in today and yesterday :confused:

At least you got further than me my man, female, sheim

How many are left?