Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Radio

Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Radio

I’ve had a previous version of this radio for a few years. I have two of them and use them every day. I use it as an FM radio, mostly so that I can hear the local talk radio station while I’m working around the house. I programmed them with CHIRP to get all of the FRS frequencies, and have used that a few times on projects around the house - sometimes it’s more convenient to use a radio than scream. I also have loaded marine frequencies into it and used it on the boat as a backup.
I DO have a ham license, and if you don’t, the Tech license is easy enough, and a great way to get on another government list. You don’t need one to use these on FRS frequencies, though.
These radios (or mine, anyway) seem to hold up well and are a great value. However, I won’t be buying any of these today because mine still work so well.


How have your batteries held up on it? Mine didn’t last so long, so I might try just connecting some kind of external pack for the occasional use.

Programming cable ? Yes / No ?

I know nothing of radios. Which ones are better, these or the other handheld?

The programming cable is not included in the package.