Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Radio

Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Radio

I would like someone to comment on how these radios function (perhaps if they function) on the non-ham radio frequencies. Is it possible to program them (using a programming cable-not included) so that the 2 meter and perhaps other ham only transmission bands are excluded? I would like my 9 year old daughter to be able to use one on the FRS bands only. I plan to get a technician FCC license at some point in the future, but my wife, daughter, and granddaughter will probably not get a license. --rtbarr

Will they work on FRS and GMRS frequencies? Yes, the specifications say they’ll work on 462 - 467 MHz. The antenna will work and the transceiver will work.

However, a few notes:

  • Radios are certified by the FCC for certain radio services. If this was approved by the FCC for Amateur Radio, part 95, then it may not have been tested for other services and parts. It may not operate within legal limits of the other services you would like to use it for.
  • This radio is capable of high power at 4 watts and FRS is limited to 2 watts. If you want to be able to use 4 watts, then you’d need to get a GMRS license which covers you and your whole family for $70 for 5 years. Dropping to $35/5 years sometime this year.
  • FRS frequencies 1-22 and privacy codes 1-whatever are a lot easier for less technical people than frequencies and CTCSS codes. Maybe a FRS radio would just be easier, or maybe you want to share a love of technology?

Another note, the technician license exam is not too hard. Many ham radio clubs offer in person or online 1 day classes where you will learn everything you need to get started in 1 day and sometimes get a radio too for the registration fee. Give it some thought… we’d love to hear you on the ham radio repeaters!


Front panel programming is tedious on these radios and to use in FRS note that high output exceeds FCC limits. The likelihood of successful child tinkering into somebody else’s channel is modest but not impossible. So if you want frs for her, get her frs; get this to advance your ham ambitions.

It is a versatile radio, but download and program it with chirp software,