Bappy O'Calloween

while VOP’d ? incredulous gasp!

Yes that’s how I got the $1 cookie pop thing lol

I laid down my kindle and watched tv until it went back through lol

but that’s not a crap of bags (this is the scientific term of a flock of bags of craps)

So what do you think might be an n t? Lol

People post what they get. Take a look:

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I swore off BoC’s at the beginning of the year and now that I want to relapse I’m getting VoP’d. Probably for the better…

dave chappelle tyrone biggums GIF

The VOP belongs to me. I claim it through eminent domain
Ive been here so long it feels like home to me


…I took out the trash…

congrats on being 10 months “sober” and at least your striking out trying to get a hit.

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Was on the app and it popped up immediately. Grabbed it. Disappointment #32 for me.

I don’t usually buy on the app, but it worked out in my favor this time. Or non-favor. We’ll see what shows up.

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Just expect disappointment. Then you won’t be disappointed…

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guess who is still in VOP?

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scratch each others backs?

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Air HIGH fives for everyone!

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Well they’re all gone now

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High Five Good Work GIF by MasterChefAU

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oh yeah long gone, they usually disappear in under a few seconds.

They were all gone a long time ago. LOL. There will be more today. You won’t get one by hesitating.