Barska 20x50 WA X-Trail Binoculars



BizRate has it from 2 stores

SHopzilla has it from 4 stores

MSN Shopping has it from 4 stores

Sprenzy has it from 3 stores

… all the above have a low price of $35.

Shopzilla… UNder $15 Binoculars… you can REALLY compare with that link… see if you find anything for that low a price that’s a better quality binocular than woot… i dare ya.


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Barska 20×50 WA X-Trail Binoculars
$15.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Barska 20×50 WA X-Trail Binoculars AB10156


Manufacturer Link:

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From Manufacturer’s Website:

Model Number: AB10156
Description: 20x50 WA
Magnification: 20x
Objective Lens: 50 mm
Prism Type: Porro
Prism Glass: BK-7
Exit Pupil: 2.5mm
Optical Coating: Multi-coated
Focus System: Center

Field of View: 168 Feet @ 1000 yards, 56 Meters @ 1000 Meters
Close Focus Distance: 30 Feet, 9 Meters
Eye Relief (inch) : 7.2
Weight (oz): 29.45


Peeping Tom would approve! Hehe…


$35 at Pricegrabber (4 stores)

$35 at Sprenzy (3 stores)

$36.25 at Froogle (3 stores)

binocular buying guide from (same guide I posted the last time the woot was binoculars)

Woot price looks pretty good but they are pretty large binoculars.

Other binoculars starting at $4.95 (7x), 20x magnification starting at $28. Pretty darn cheap. How good are they? I don’t know.


This time WITHOUT a crappy camera built in!


What?? No night vision…sheesh.


Cool…I was about to buy some cheapo Bushnell 20x50 for $49.99 for some sporting events…now I can go even cheaper. If the wife lets me, of course.


I was just thinking today that I want a pair of binoculars for my new office at work. Thanks for reading my mind and pissing everyone off, woot! you made my night!


nice product, good specs, but how about 3-4 MB camera, too?


I’ve got a pair of these and the red coating on the lens creates a color cast.


yay! i bought some…i guess i can use them for hunting or just looking at stuff :slight_smile:


Just a little word to the wise. Most people cannot keep a binocular above 10x or 12x maximum, steady without a tripod. At 20x, you will most likely definitley have to use a tripod with these. If considering, keep that in mind.


anyone know if these are any good for watching horse races? The back stretch at Belmont is unbelievably far away from the stands… Not sure what 20x50 translates to…


What, no zoom? I’d buy if it had a zoom. Oh well, bed time anyway.


Not bad. Deer season opens soon. Could come in handy spotting Bambi romping in the forest. Just might go for it.


If you’re wanting a really good pair, the difference in lens quality of a good model vs. a cheap model is amazing. If you’re just going to use 'em once in a while and not go bird-watching then perfect :slight_smile:


i got the mediocre ones that were for 2 for tuesday back in aug. that was a much better deal…


Hmmm…I was ready to buy these for looking at things at nite, but the 2.5mm exit pupil tells me that these binoc’s won’t be the best item to use for dim light use. And there HAS to be an error on the eye relief… 7.2 INCHES???

Come on, Woot! Good binoculars are great…but then again, these are only $16!