Basket of Crawfish

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Bag of Crap
$3.00 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Crappy

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and servers crash again!

Stupid login :frowning:


Round 2

Call me in 4 hours when this sells out.

In! Let the waiting/speculating begin :slight_smile:

Better luck the second time right? Its way past April…

Here we go again…

Bye bye, servers. It was nice knowing you :(.

Is this just to mock me for wasting 2 hours last night and giving up?

And the 2nd time today I cant get a bag of crap!!!

here we go again!!!

At lest it isn’t super late again…

ugh thought i was good cause i got to the sign in…but nooope

Never get BOC’s, I must really suck

Woot apparently upgraded their servers to terrible.

And the servers are FROZE again. And woot offs were functioning so well before the upgrade. I think they need more server power again.