Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

The software isn’t as good as the older version (n52) and it’s missing a shift state, but it’s a very good (and very comfortable) quickpad. I got this on a previous woot and am satisfied with my purchase.

Got one from an earlier woot. Works fine on Windows 7.

Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

* + $5 shipping

1 Belkin F8GFPC200 n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

I own the Nostromo, if this things like the Nostromo its pretty ballin’.

Also 30$ is a nice price tag.

Retail new is 59.99$ I think

this is for lefties but I’m a righty

Anyone compare these to other brands? I’m looking for something like this, but there are quite a few options out there.

I’m not a gamer but I always look at ergonomic programmable input devices. Photo editing takes a toll being at the computer for hours on end. I figure one of these can keep those LAN party kids from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, they should work for me too.

Generally you use your left hand to move your character with WASD. You use the mouse in your right hand.

This thing or the Razer Nostromo.

Don’t settle for less.

Dang it the load time for the submit payment took to long and i missed out by a few seconds

Only 5 available?



Right when I clicked “Buy Now” it sold out, I wanted one so bad but I had to create a “Billing Agreement” with Woot through Paypal. FFf


But for your reference, the n52 is the best pad out there in my opinion, and the n52te is the successor, which is more comfortable, but the software isn’t as nice(and it’s missing a shift state). Saitek’s pads suck, Logitech’s key layout isn’t as useful(but it is ambidextrous), and the WolfClaw is ok, but doesn’t feel like a keyboard vs a lot of buttons, so it feels slower to me. In fact, the only pad I think that can compete with this is the ooooooold Microsoft Strategic Commander, due to its control method and its ability to program its keys on the fly(which is awesome).

people keep saying this doesn’t have a shift-state. If a shift-state is what I think it is, then it has one.

When you set it up, you simply hold down a key you designate as your shift key while pressing another button.

if that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can have 2 whole other configurations that are switchable on the fly.

I bought this in a previous woot for wow and it works famously.