Bella Barrel Hand-Carved Wine Stave Wall Sconce

Bella Barrel Hand-Carved Wine Stave Wall Sconce $24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Hand-Carved Wine Stave Wall Sconce


i made one just like this in Girl Scouts

Cesare, you staying up all night for the winewootoff?

this doesn’t get me drunk

im not in for any, you should not do the same

Wow, I made one of these in High School Shop class, only it had a mirror, and a nicer finish…

Me too. Mine had an owl carved on it.

Hello…am I on the air??? Welcome back woot!

Oh god a woot off, must control myself,Cabs and candy only, last woot off got way to much Zin’s, Syrah’s, & Pino’s, My case of White Oak, Cab/Merlo shipped yesterday

My Inspiration Pinot Noir arrives tomorrow, and I have some Washington Cabs coming next week from Seven Hills. And Friday I am picking up some bottles purchased at a local tasting. So the question is, does the delivery gap give enough time so I don’t have to explain more wine, or will the bank statement blow it for me?

“Gonna taking you down”… All your base are belong to us!

WTH is it already over?!?