Black Winter Truffle, 1oz

Black Winter Truffle, 1oz

There website says the price is $99 dollars.

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The quoted price is from the fact Woot includes shipping as part of the price here.

Checking just now, their website shows ~$20 shipping on top of the $99 price.

Also, having checked the site, it says availability for this ends in March, so if anyone was on the fence, you may want to go ahead and jump on this!

Not to be a Debbie downer but at some point you have to ask yourself. Is spending 60 bucks on a truffle prudent when we are about to be thrown into a recession probably worse than the one we saw 12 years ago?


The 0.1% are safely tucked away in their hideaways with plenty of money & resources to spare.

Yes, but are they shopping on Woot?


On the other hand, this is an excellent price, and who knows when most of us will have another chance to try one?


Ask a lawyer but I think you get to keep miscellaneous food and medicine in a bankruptcy proceeding.

How long do these last? Could they be an investment item when the $ collapses?

I bought this one Woot for valentines day a month ago. I paid like 64 dollars for this. My wife loved it.

How will this be shipped? Normal or overnight.
There is another vendor currently offering 1oz for $60 with overnight shipping.
Short lived product I don’t want sitting around in trucks.
From the offer…
“Truffles are best when consumed within three days of delivery.”
Seems like they may be well over three days in transit.
And from the supplier, not woot,
" it must be shipped by UPS Standard Overnight . Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday."

Hi @rjquillin! Per WCC:

This is being shipped overnight.


Taking a flyer on 2oz … why not right? Don’t know the provider…pretty late in the season… virus comfort food :slight_smile:

Thanks TT

Stay safe and regards to the crew.

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Something weird going on here. Several days ago my order for this item was listed as “Shipped” but no tracking info…
Now it says “preparing for shipment” with an estimated delivery of April 16th (just in time to celebrate the end of Income Tax season?).
I guess there was to be a shipment from France or Italy that got canceled due to corona virus shutting down most of EU?
Since they recommend consuming within 3 days of arrival, one wonders if they have some way of storing them for the next month, or if they are continuously harvesting them…
I had been told truffles were true seasonal items so fresh should not be available year round…

Hi there. I don’t see the purchase on this account so I can’t help much but you won’t see a tracking number until it gets its first scan. And with overnight shipping, that could be shortly before it arrives.

I think they turned out fine!

maybe this

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Wow, going to contact customer service for a refund. I ordered two ounces. The description says 1 to 2 pieces per ounce. Each of the “ounces” I received, one was actually a tad short, was 5 pieces each. And they were handled just wrong. Truffles should be shipped with a bit of moisture. These were in fancy little jars in rice. Really? Exactly the way NOT to handle a fresh truffle. All it does is wick the moisture out of the truffle. So I ended up with 10 little dry marbles for 120 bucks… :frowning:

please see my post below TT… this was a bad bad deal

stay safe!

Refund received… thanks!