BLACKHAWK Tactical Serpa Level 2 Holster, Right

BLACKHAWK Tactical Serpa Level 2 Holster, Right

FWIW: Serpa holsters have been banned by the military and many Law Enforcement agencies due to their ability to cause an accidental discharge while unholstering.

That is not correct. Poor trigger control and improper use results in neglegent discharges. The military has not banned them nor have most PDs. Training with your gear is key; and not trying to use it for a fast draw rig. There are plenty of videos on the proer use of that retention method.

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Excellent price for this setup. I ordered one yesterday and got an email today from fedex that it is shipping and it will be delivered on Wednesday.

Google “Serpa 2 banned”

Also, I have firsthand knowledge that the military banned them… As I had to turn mine in for replacement.

The fact that you need a video to show you how NOT to shoot yourself speaks for itself.

The average person may not know how to use a Serpa “properly” making it a dangerous holster, and though I’ll give you that its not the “holsters” fault, its still sets up the user for a potentially dangerous draw.

Just because some units changed to a different one doesn’t mean the military banned them. Many units still use them and different branches have different policies. For instance, when I was in the USAF, the Navy was not allowed to carry condition one and we were required to- safety off. We also had different holsters.
There’s no “defect” in these- they have a design that doesn’t work well with untrained individuals. Personally, I don’t have a problem using it properly and correctly. IMHO, it takes a moron to go from releasing their holster to pulling the trigger “accidentally.”

Does anyone know what part number this is?

Hi there. This was a special model for another retailer.


That article you linked had this video:

Those guys need a lesson in how not to shoot yourself. It seems that weapon only fires “simulation rounds”, but that dude is just kneeling in front of the gun while they’re tugging on it. Asking for trouble.

Please don’t repeat things that you see on the internet. SERPA holsters are still in wide use. They don’t have an “ability” to cause negligent discharges, incorrect use by the operator is the cause (hence negligent and not accidental). I cannot speak for other firearm models, but I have used a SERPA holster for the G17/G19 platform for years. One of the reasons I love it is that when I draw, my finger is positioned on the frame right where I want it to be. The correct way to depress the release is with your entire finger pushing in on it (not just the pad of your finger hooking in on the button)–that is why there is a small channel above the button. When you depress with your entire finger, you draw the firearm and your finger is resting against the frame above the trigger guard (again, I have not used this holster other than with a Glock so I do not know where the finger falls on other models). Used correctly, there is no issue with negligent discharge.

Edit: I received this holster today and decided to look in the manual. The channel I mentioned is called the “finger tray”–the specific instructions (in section 4.3) are:
“Establish a safe master grip on the weapon with your index finger extended straight along the frame of the firearm. The flat of your index finger will naturally align onto the SERPA® finger tray. Keeping your finger straight, apply gentle pressure inward to disengage the SERPA Auto Lock™ and drag the flat of your finger across the SERPA finger tray as you draw the firearm. WARNING!: Do not bend your index finger while depressing the SERPA® finger tray” (emphasis my own) and goes on to warn about unintended discharge. It is the responsibility of the user to follow directions and train appropriately in proper use of the gear.


Jesus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many brutally obvious safety violations in one video by guys who are supposed to know what they are doing. Holy crap.

So the Woot ad is a little misleading. I couldn’t find any place that sells this for $200, or anything close to that. MidwayUSA had it for $99, TacticalGear had it for $110.

Still a great deal, but there’s no need to lie, Woot.

Wow. But at least the dude with the shades at 1:19 had the brains to step back as the other guy was attempting to yank the firearm from the holster.

Welcome to the lying world of MSRPs. Woot is hardly alone in this.

MSRP is a very high number so that there’s money in the deal for a bunch of middlemen (unless it’s direct to consumer). Companies typically make like 5-10% profit margin after you deduct rent, labor, advertising etc.

Yeah, the whole point of training is to learn how to do things correctly. Epic fail.

Morning. The list price is MSRP. It does not mean retail.

For the people that are new to the concept of ac·ro·nyms. You probably need to spell it out:

Manufactures Suggested Retail Price. AKA - Wishful thinking (Also Known As)

I always assumed it referred to a Turkish sandwich.

Sooooooo, proper use is having the safety off, round in the chamber and yanking your firearm out of a holster by your finger on the trigger?

I’m going to blame John Wayne movies………