Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

It’s hard work kicking out voters because they wear a red or blue shirt so they need to split up the shifts

If you buy an independent shirt, you are just wasting your purchase.

BOOOOOOO!!! no libertarian
if you purchase one of these shirts your just wasting your money. weather it be War or Welfare

that makes perfect sense! considering the hour we were posting it does, anyway. :wink: (also, now i know what to serve the gang when i have them all over to watch braveheart.)

It would be nice if the shirt was just one Bleeding Heart Wing Nut, then I would be in for one.

Probably illegal to wear it to the polls, or at least in a gray area.

wasn’t mccain originally a g-uido do-uche-bag from northern new jersey?

[look it up on youtube]

was todd there? just wondering.


These shirts would be more subtle and artistic if the words were taken off. With “LIBERAL” and “CONSERVATIVE” blazed across the front I don’t see how these shirts are fun. Can anyone explain why people feel they need to anounce to the world their personal views like they’re trying to show off?

i’ll probably pass on the “alchohol” (have you been drinking?), but i might be in for a free i-voted donut.

seriously, tho, somebody is offering free booze? before or after voting?

Just so you know, the people dying to come here are usually NOT qualified to be here under our actual legal system of immigration. As all countries, the US only legally accepts what they consider to be ‘productive’ members of society. To show you can be productive, you have to have supporting documentation detailing things like degrees in the fields we feel are important, exhaustive documentation showing that no one in the US is able to do your job as well as you can (which takes months for a company to provide), etc, etc.

Those who are just desperate to get out of their countries because it’s miserable? The US Immigration system doesn’t want them, and will not accept them. That’s why so many people come here illegally. There’s no legal alternative.

MANY green card holders do NOT give up their citizenship in their native countries. The green card allows work freely from organisation to organisation (which implies you’ve been through a rigorous vetting process including either a marriage to an American, or a very LONG period of time working without any sort of job security (H1b or similar visa), or are sponsored by an American family; plus, of course, you have to do the required intrusive physical exams and interviews). But in the end, that’s what it is: a license to be allowed to work somewhere. It confers no rights of guaranteed citizenship even if you wanted them. It confers no right to vote to determine the conditions of the environment in which you live. It’s just a method by which we can track who’s working here and therefore who has to pay taxes.

Those poor souls fighting each other and hiding in boxcarts, and riding in tiny boats some umpteen million miles to reach our shores? 99% of them are, when found, arrested, placed in holding from 1 month to 3 years, and deported back to the environments from which they came without even so much as a CHANCE to get a green card. But they themselves rarely do it because they want to be Americans. They do it because they desperately want to be somewhere NOT where they currently are. It’s less nationalism, and more escape.

…“must warn President McCain”…
-Homer Simpson

Pass. Is Wingnut Republican commonly used in political vernacular? I guess it’s too esoteric for me.



Exactly. Or even yesterday, so we could have overnighted it.

my whole family bleeds liberal… maybe i should buy it for them… we will see…

It works it works… kind of establishes your compatibility with people… sort of like E-harmony for politics

As soon as I saw the shirts, that it was only 8:30am and there were already
over 350 comments…I knew this was gonna be a good one! No work will get done though while I spend time reading all this.

no homo?