Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

The majority of the current economic situation is due to the lending and housing market crisis. It was caused by decades of policies and had little to do with Bush at all. It had more to do with the big push in the 90s to force lenders to take on more bad loans (high risk). Loans that the banks would normally turn down. Then that practice continued and no one tried to stop it… not any president nor anyone in Congress.

The housing market dip we encountered should not have been a big deal, but the sheer number of bad mortgages out there instead caused the bottom to fall out.

… just tried of all the commercials trying to blame the past 8 years when it’s a much larger problem than that and is rooted in policies well before that.


Dude…you’re permanently killing my buzz…Why can’t we all just get along?


ahemm… YOU are reading this, too, right? :wink:

That… is epic. I think I might buy the conservative one for a guy I know. He’s certainly a conservative with a loose screw!

Pretty much, yeah.

No, you lose.

Nice way for w00t to sell a few shirts with simple, public domain graphics on them. bleh.

It’s hard work kicking out voters because they wear a red or blue shirt so they need to split up the shifts

If you buy an independent shirt, you are just wasting your purchase.

BOOOOOOO!!! no libertarian
if you purchase one of these shirts your just wasting your money. weather it be War or Welfare

that makes perfect sense! considering the hour we were posting it does, anyway. :wink: (also, now i know what to serve the gang when i have them all over to watch braveheart.)

It would be nice if the shirt was just one Bleeding Heart Wing Nut, then I would be in for one.

Probably illegal to wear it to the polls, or at least in a gray area.

wasn’t mccain originally a g-uido do-uche-bag from northern new jersey?

[look it up on youtube]

was todd there? just wondering.


These shirts would be more subtle and artistic if the words were taken off. With “LIBERAL” and “CONSERVATIVE” blazed across the front I don’t see how these shirts are fun. Can anyone explain why people feel they need to anounce to the world their personal views like they’re trying to show off?

i’ll probably pass on the “alchohol” (have you been drinking?), but i might be in for a free i-voted donut.

seriously, tho, somebody is offering free booze? before or after voting?