Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

i was pulling your leg, but maybe it’s too late/early for that kind of humor.


ooo! ooo! spelling police!! F A I L!!!

i had to google him (all the mel gibson fans are laughing at me now). wikipedia didn’t say anything about him enjoying popcorn or coffee tho - separately or especially in combination. did i miss something??

that’s ok, i guess. c’mon, who’s got a better nader tee design?

WAR IS WRONG (Unless a Democrat is President)
MOVE ON (Whenever WE are caught doing something bad)
CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL (Unless it’s payday)
FREE SPEECH & TOLERANCE (Except for conservatives)
NO VIOLENCE (Unless WE need it to protest)
NO RACISM or SEXISM (Except if you hate white males)
F$@K THE POLICE (Unless we need one)
FIGHT AUTHORITY (Unless WE are in authority

why yes, that’s me exactly!! (especially the “buying carp” part)

you’re adorable.

For those of you debating wearing political affiliations of any sort to the polls, you really, really shouldn’t. It is a state-by-state rule, one which will likely be enforced differently from poll to poll, but it would be foolish to risk your voice on something so trivial as wearing political swag of any sort while voting. Just wear a regular shirt to be safe, much as you’ll wear a button-down shirt to work instead of a woot, because you don’t want to be fired.

For more, has a trademark well-written quickie note regarding the question.


FREE?! Some of you liberals really are delusional, aren’t you?



I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Way to bring politics to woot!, woot!. Personally, I think the world would be better off without right wing nuts. If Palin honestly believes that the direction her publicity has taken was anybodys fault other than her own then she’s truly a complete idiot. It’s not like anybody tied her up to get those suits, hair and makeup onto her and what candidate for vice president doesn’t brush up on important national issues? Anybody delusional enough to believe she’s intelligent in any sense is truly… well, delusional.

It was a stretch of my poor imagination. People were talking about popcorn and coffee, which I associate with movies, and then we’re also talking about national leaders, so for some reaon William Wallace popped into my head.

Very cool. In for 1 Royal Blue :slight_smile:

Back in the day, this would’ve been a two-fer. Oh well, I can afford to pass. Really, can’t afford not to…

Havent you heard? If you wear an Obama shirt when you go vote, you get a $20 McDonald’s gift certificate


Barack says “Vote early, Vote often” I say go Bob Barr for Libertarian. At least Woot didn’t take sides like most of the media.

Lies… don’t make the Obama voters sluggish with a temptation of McD’s. Not that McD’s is much of a temptation XP