Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

These foriegners. Come over here, buy our woot shirts, probably get most of the b.ags. of poo. Shoveling down burgers and fries, then talking hate America talk.

I mean, what are ya going to do??

I didn’t mean to bring hatred amongst immigrants… honestly… I love them. I love that we’re a melting pot. (To SOME glares) And I’m usually not patriotic… I just see news stores about people dying, literally to come here, and comments like his/hers make me sad because of that. :frowning:

And that’s all I’m going to say on that subject :slight_smile:

Seems that you can’t be lighthearted when discussing politics. Really a big shame…

I think you’ll find Robert the Bruce’s energy plan to be much more palatable.

that’s real cute. come on here, insult america and americans in broadly thrown strokes, and then tell us to lighten up. good night, and good riddance.

Ok! Sleep well. <3 :slight_smile:

Oh! P.S. – I’m not imported, but a godless, sexual deviant as well…Isn’t freedom of religion and sexuality (oh wait) in America great?? :smiley:

I was speaking figuratively of course. Popcorn because watching a bunch of sleep deprived wooters rip each other to shreds over something they feel they actually have control over is like watching a great slasher flick, and coffee should be obvious…after all, it’s 1am here, so for others, it’s getting much later.

You could ask who I’m voting for, but I won’t tell. My daddy raised me better than that.

This is retarded, I would have bought one WEEKS ago to have worn over the past week or 2 and then tomorrow perhaps. Now if I buy it I can only wear it in a couple of weeks after its over. AND, since i’m conservative, if Obama wins I’d look like a weirdo/ahole for wearing it…OR people who are already fed up with election crap right now would also be annoyed by me…

Good call woot with the two shirts on election day, but I never thought I’d see the day when a political debate would start on a shirt selling website.

That’s what turns me off from both of the parties (and shirts)–too many fanatics who don’t fully understand their parties’ platforms and blindly follow without being fully aware of what they’re supporting. We should be working for a better society, better economy, and to be the good guys again. Instead, all we do is bicker and debate useless topics which generate nothing. That and I’m sick of people who regurgitate (poorly) things they heard on the news and people who are all talk, no action.

My two cents is that neither candidate is really doing anything revolutionary or putting forward any “change”. This country can’t drastically change (especially with just a different president!) with its outdated bureaucracy and horrible government waste. Everyone is misinterpreting their campaigns for this sweeping “change” instead of their real message of “not Bush.”

that’s hilarious! now who’s got the nader t-shirt design?

Population control? Less people = less energy… That would work, wouldn’t it? To heck with Pickens!

I love it when Woot! does political stuff because it really reveals just how completely idiotic the Woot! buying community is…

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you know nothing about political discourse, have a mixed bag of anecdotal assumptions about the way the “world works” and like buying crap on the internet…

Ah… lowest common denominator…

“I hate your country” is typically not an opening line that endears you to your perspective audience.

Conservatives and Liberals don’t hate America, we just sometimes have different beliefs on how this country can remain great. I doubt there are many of us that would say we “hate” America, or are ready to scrap it just yet.

At the end of the day, we are still Americans and that does mean something to us

edit: this could have been a lot more eloquent had I still been awake

Past 3 over here. I think I’ve finally had it. Gonna hate myself in the morning (well, later this morning).

As for voting, I proudly tell anyone who’ll listen that I’m voting for Kodos.

In closing, we can all live together; I have no doubt about that. We’ve (Americans) accomplsihed this for the better part of 300 years. Our founding fathers decreed an ideal in which we should govern and this is what I hold true. Vote your heart today. Thanks - Drew


here here

They sold that one a long time ago.

I am out for the evening. Good night/morning all! To all my friends, bleeding heart liberals, wingnut conservatives. Luv you all!

Honestly, I don’t like the foreigner much though. hee hee

Happy Election Day!