Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Even for this price it may not be worth it.

Please explain why. Do not just make blanket stztements.

If you read the article he linked, you would know why.

Does anyone know if there is any sort of patch to make the watch safe to use, or is it just not worth it?

What makes you think this is the exact same watch?

How do we know this is the same exact watch? I looked up the company and they are in New Jersey…

I would say, mostly, that image #4 in the Woot listing exactly matches the image in the second eBay listing in the article. My eyes told me so. :~)

I used an 3rd party app BTNotifacation. I think the article references the software that the watch package encourages you to Download from an unknown ip address is your security issue otherwise it’s not the watch itself. Mine works well.

A “Sedentary Reminder” to “keep you healthy.”

No reminder can “keep you healthy.” At best, it can remind you that you’re committing suicide via couch.

Yes and ebay steals photos from legitimate sources.

It’s such a great watch that the guy in the picture is like, oh heell no. I wont be caught wearing this piece. LOL

I can’t get Woot! to link to my Amazon Prime account. I am being charged for shipping.

Yeah, we show your last prime login in March.

Best way to make sure is to log out of woot and then log in using Login with Amazon.

Pay with Amazon isn’t the same thing.

BUT… the article is specifically about the U8 watch, which is the one in the first listing, with the rounded corners.

Not saying the second watch doesn’t have the same vulnerabilities, but it’s not specifically mentioned.

I particularly like this line from the Specs section: “Appearance fish technology: Stainless steel wire drawing.”

I couldn’t find water resistance stats? Will it fry in a shower? Is it 10M resistant?

Can’t imagine why anyone would consider this…

hey for 15bucks, a cheap watch…

Does anyone have any idea whether this can be synced to a tablet (Samsung Galaxy 3) as opposed to a phone? Thanks!