Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Downloaded the manual. For what it does, it’s probably okay, but it’s not Android Wear. It just pairs with Bluetooth.

Please google or check past discussion threads - pretty uniformly bad reviews

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can not figure out what sim card to use with sprint galaxy 6. any ideas?

Sprint was not helpful

You might try a different Sprint store to see if you can get more help.

If Bluetooth, why Sim Card used ?

Probably for Stand-alone network connection like a tablet.

I would be wary of this watch: $17 smartwatch sends something to random Chinese IP address • The Register

It works with Blu vivo x(android)

Bought one, it’s junk. Exactly what you’d expect for $14.99. Bought a re-ferbd Galaxy Fit2 for $89. Exactly what I wanted.

Please help… I cant figure this out … What is the catch ? Why so CHEAP? Are the products all broken and waurenty exp.? just dont understand if you cant get retail then why not ebay? its all about the profit dosnt anybody understand retail anymore??? $$$$$???

I’ll echo what others have said, it’s cheap, not particularly useful. Many features rely on providing your own SIM Card (fb, twitter, browser) or Micro SD card (audio player, photo browser). The phone sync over BT is awkward, and the app you have to download to enable extra features is dodgy looking.

It’s precisely $15 worth of smartwatch functionality. Unfortunately, $15 doesn’t equate to much worth.

I dinked around with it for 30 minutes, now I’m tired of it - Uncomfortable band, inaccurate touch overlay, poor screen detail, generally just not something I’m going to find any use for at all.

Will probably give it away to a younger sibling in the hopes they play with it for another 30 minutes’ worth.

Cant find sims card either! Sprint says im screwed. Best buy nor Frys has either!!

I just bought one of these. If you aren’t using a SIM card to make calls then you need to pair the watch with your Android phone to do so. Not a great buy IMO but worth a try for the cost.

The perfect gift for your spouse if you’re coming up on your Appearance Fish Technology Anniversary.

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I think that’s the 7 and 5/12 anniversary, right?

Was anyone able to sync it with their android phone?
I have never had a smart watch and got it to see if I would like one.
I’m not expecting an apple watch, just want it to be able to sync with my smartphone…is this possible with this watch?