Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Well they are trying to sell this POS again. It had so many bad reviews they must have pulled it and now reposted it so some sucker falls into the trap. Here’s what I posted when I fell into the trap.:

I have mine, it’s now relegated to watch function only with an occasional alarm.

I don’t even use it for this anymore, it’s in the bin of forgotten tech.

Biggest issue. When it’s paired with your phone it takes over for all audio / phone functions. Don’t want your call to be put on speakerphone? Too bad! It defaults to its horrible tiny little speaker and maxes out it’s capabilities. For every call. No matter what even if it’s already paired to your car. Want to watch YouTube? Well I hope you enjoy the sound of YT through a POS tiny speaker at the end of your wrist. Did you have BT headphones on while you’re working out? And get a call? Well be ready to wonder why you can’t hear the person on the other end of the call. Because they will be wondering why they can hear gym noises through your watch and not able to really hear you.

Other complaints. 1. In order for it to function as a step counter you have to tell it to start counting your steps. It then stop at some arbitrary point without telling you. 2. Exact same thing for sleep, you have to tell it you’re about to sleep and then it shuts off randomly too. It doesn’t have a pulse sensor, so it’s clueless. 3. It requires a sim card for most of the other interesting functions. Like web browser or FB WhatsApp, as well as a memory card. 4. It also seems to forget that I have BT notifier installed on my phone, on a regular basis.
So yeah it’s now a $14 dumb watch that you have to charge every two days.

Like I said before it’s barely passable as a watch. If you buy this with your eyes wide open then that’s fine you know what you’re getting. A real usable smartwatch, it isn’t.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what everyone else said last time.

I bought this from Woot on Sep 4, 2018. I wanted it only to be able to see the time, incoming text messages and incoming calls while sitting at a bar (instead of placing my phone on the bar) and while playing table games at a casino (they won’t let you have your phone out or use it.) For that purpose, this $15 wanna-be smart watch does the job.

July 2019, the watch wouldn’t power on and I discovered that the battery was swollen. For a $15 watch, I wasn’t mad. I almost bought another one but realized that I could purchase a replacement battery. A two-pack of DZ09 batteries from China cost me $5 on eBay. I read that overcharging the battery (leaving it plugged in after full charge) causes the issue that I had.

It receives only SMS (plain text messages), not MMS (pictures, group text.) Won’t even give notification for MMS. Memory card (not included) is required to store photos and video. SIM card (not included) is required to use anything that requires the Internet. Apps can’t use Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Phone calls are made via Bluetooth. (Audio can be switched to the phone instead of the watch speaker.) Attempting to compose and send a text message is very tedious and not worth the hassle. The “anti lost” feature gives an alarm if the Bluetooth connection is lost, which seemed to happen if the watch is more than a few feet from the phone. It also happened frequently with the phone in my pocket while sitting at a bar. You will always select “don’t remind again” after the first alarm.

LOL! I came here to suggest that they just give this crap away. How long have these been kicking around the pages of Woot! I understand they use vacuum tubes because they were manufactured before the transistor was invented. It’s amazing how small they were able to make them. :wink: