BOGO didn't work

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I ordered two shirts but it didn’t discount one for the BOGO offer. The checkout process billed for both shirts, so I cancelled the order.

Same here - I went all the way thru the checkout process thinking “ok, maybe the next step” – then after the order was complete - NO BOGO!!!

worked fine for me-two shirts for the prices of one. no issues. i did use amazon check-out, as was suggested.

This BOGO did not work for me as well. The transaction was completed and the total was not reflecting the free shirt. I cancelled the order.

If any of you have privacy badger or a similar privacy addon, disable it. It will then apply the discount.

Looks like it’ll work for me! It shows on the final screen when the button reads “place your order”. (see image) Not sure about the app checkout process, however.
Be sure to login with that Prime account, yo.

Didn’t work here either

Same here. Oh well. I guess don’t take my money.

Same. Sad.

Hi all. Sorry for the problems. The BOGO promotion required that you Log in with Amazon. Pay with Amazon won’t do it.

You have to log out of Woot and then log back in using the Log in with Amazon button.

Got the message after the sale was over. Weeping big alligator tears

I keep trying to order this black shirt as men’s large classic. I can pick either the size L or classic, but when I pick one the other is grayed out. Grrr… Weird. Is it just me?

Looks like a setup issue to me. They may have sold out of the large at some point and the inventory wasn’t reset afterwards.

Sorry about that @mylionmaker, that was a weird glitch…which I have now fixed and tested on my end and the classic size large are able to be purchased if you would like to try again?

Yup! Thanks…

Now I see that you are out of Women’s Medium Fitted Brown shirts. Grrr…

No idea of back orders? If you can’t print it today/tomorrow you won’t take the order?

Could you reach out to our customer support team and make them aware of this issue? Including the offer you were trying to purchase? Or post the offer here so I can look into this for you?

I moved on to other shirts. This was a great promotion and I got a total of ten shirts for the price of five.

Thanks Woot.

Hey there. Do you remember which shirt? We’d love to fix the issue. THANKS!

It was a very cool shirt by Letter-Q called Ancient Tale.

Can’t select Women’s Medium Fitted.