Boise Outdoor Cinema

Boise Outdoor Cinema


This was slick.

I thought it was a projector. uuuuuggggggghhhhhh


Cmooooooon @50% and in VOP…please this is my 6th time today!!!

went in to VOP at 70 something percent - every time I log out and login in there has been a boc I’ve been too late for.

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got it!

I had to sit in the VOP for a good 2 minutes.

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Finally got one, been trying all afternoo.

Has my account been flagged? Woot, what have I done wrong? I’ve only ever given you my full attention and most of my money.


Nice, managed to get one. Thanks Woot!

i went into the VOP at 100% and nothing. im just cursed

Hah now that i got one, now just stumbling into them.

Beee-ohhh-seeee, boyee!

Wow Woot, every time I visit the site to what’s for sale I see a Bag o Crap. Looking like everyone should get one today. Got mine very early this morning on the app.

Keep on Wooting!!!

Wow… got it to click Purchase then hit purchase and it kicked back and said it was gone. This has been a sad day.

Same :frowning:

4 more hours left in the wootoffathon!!
Congrats on everyone’s cardio. Mine is trash which is why I’ve been sticking to pop ins.

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Funny I’m on the couch when this BOC pops up. My dog slaps my phone and hits the Buy Now and takes me to the VOP. I quickly exited out as I successfully got one earlier and not to ruin anybody else’s chance.

Winny was being naughty
And she is sorry


I’m sooo happy!!! Dave must be drunk again! Bc I actually got one!!! Masking tape rolls, empty cans of soda, used pens??? Who knows!!! I can’t wait to find out!