Bonny Doon Vineyard Mixed (6)

Bonny Doon Vineyard Red, White, & Pink Mixed 6-Pack
$59.99 $124.00 52% off List Price
2015 A Proper Pink
2015 Moscato Giallo
2014 A Proper Claret


Thanks woot for the chance to again be a lab rat. I got a bottle of the A Proper Claret on short notice, arriving just a few hours ago. It got to rest in the wine fridge for only about 4 hours before it was popped, err, un-screwed I should say.

I had a few sips and then a glass though a vinturi. It’s a nice blend, I’d call it smooth and not challenging to the pallet. The sort of wine I’d open for friends who “like red wine” without having an opinion beyond that. Most people would like it well enough and it won’t overpower a meal. As I worked my way through the glass I found myself wishing it was a touch less sweet and had more complexity. I do appreciate the relatively low alcohol.

I’d say it’s a solid affordable bottle and if you like the other two styles in this pack and need some daily drinkers you probably can’t go wrong for the price. Personally, I might have been on the fence if it was a six pack of the Claret but the other bottles here would sit in my wine fridge for a long time so I’ll pass. I did enjoy the label.

Thank you for the notes!

The flying monkey bearing my bounty just swooped down yesterday, bearing two bottles: a Proper Pink and a Moscato Giallo. Unfortunately, prior plans and a need to chill the wines left me with only a narrow, late night tasting opportunity. i opted to try the Moscato Giallo, along with some smoked Gouda and summer sausage.

The nose: melons, flowers, honey, a bit of spice. Maybe fresh cut grass.

The taste: As above, with a bit of grapefruit and a hint of carbonation that gave a brief bite when hitting the tongue. This was followed by very lush mouth feel, almost like coating the tongue but with no cloying at all. All anchored by a the citrussy note, and a not-sweet but but off-dry taste that reminded me of Woot Cellars Pouracle. Very pleasant.

It’s not a style that I’d normally drink, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

I’ll try to taste the Proper Pink with an early lunch.

Your dedication is commendable!


How sweet is this?

This seems like a pretty nice mixed offering! I bought a couple bottles of the claret recently, agree with the rat report but don’t remember finding it overly sweet, it was pretty fruity though. Looks like a lot of fun stuff on their website, hope for some more mixed offerings in the future!

WineDavid and Bonny Doon crew – thanks for bringing these wines to us at a screaming deal.

We absolutely loved the Mourvedre 4-pack from two years ago, and when we saw the Old Telegram at GO (at $20 the most expensive wine in the store) we bought the place out.

I still regret not getting the Le Cigare Volant split-bottle box last year…

Unfortunately i have absolutely no space for any more wine. I’ll do my part and drink more this fall so i can have room for the next Doon Deal.

the answer is somewhere between this:

and this:

. What do the tea leaves say?

I’m kind of curious about the moscato and the pink, and I know I’ll find takers for the claret. Too bad the debater couldn’t squeeze in a review of the pink as well.

Seems recently some of these debater bottles have been dropping with short lead time for the reviewers.

How sweet is which? Not much for the Muscato, but I did not get a chance to try the pink.

The Muscato definitely grew on me; I would consider buying it alone. And the email from Ariana apologized for the late delivery, said they do get it out to the ratters as soon as it arrives (mine came next day Fed-Ex).

OK, you’ve convinced me! (To try this offer, and not to point fingers.)