bonsai sandals

has anyone ordered from them?
did it take a long time to recieve?

Wow, pilatesdude!
Usually when someone has their first post in this region of the forums they have just joined up today and are doing some kind of site pimping, scamming or spamming.
But, since you’ve been a member longer than most of the people here, and have bought at least a few woots (blue square next to your username), welcome to the Everything But Woot forums!
ps, I don’t know anything about the sandals. Sorry.

Did you post it on the wow forum?
They looked c**ool. Hope you get them and like them!

I got them for my 18 year old stepson for Christmas. he LOVES them! Wears them constantly (in PA Winter). I got them in about 4 days I think, in December.
I know some one on WOW had an issue w/ returns after ordering several pair in different sizes and receiving something that was the wrong size. I think they are a very small company & still trying to get their act together, so as long as you keep your order simple it should be easy.

very interesting tactic… i’m listening.

what are they made of?

Don’t buy them. They looked and felt great but they fell apart in less than a month. Very cheaply made, the bottom layer of rubber separated from the shoe. When I tried to get a warrantee, the company wouldn’t even respond to my emails.

How long ago did you try them?

I was thinking about making something like that after I saw the website. Buy some cheap Wal-mart sandals and then buy some fur from their fabric department. It would be cheaper, plus I would have left over fur to snuggle. :smiley:

I have a thing for snuggly/soft stuff. D:

i just bought two pairs… who knows how they will turn out. i’ll be sure to post how long they took to get here and how they are

I just ordered a couple pairs too. I’ll try to remember to come back with our opinions.

With the way I wear sandals during the summer, I can’t imagine these things would last more than a week. I suggest Reefs if you want a quality, durable, comfortable sandal. (Mens or Womens. I think I wear either the Classic Low or Smoothy.) I can wear a pair for 2-3 years.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Bonsai. Not putting them down at all. I’m just loyal to my brand and it would take a lot for me to try something else.

got my pairs on Saturday. the delivery was about 3-4 days. initial impressions on the sandals: the fur is quite soft and they are warm. the strap between the toes is kind of big, but in time that will fold over. so far happy with them

I ordered them online and from day 1 it was a nightmare. When they finally arrived there was a problem with the thong portion of the sandal. Seller readily acknowledged that there was a problem with some of the sandals they were shipping out, but would not reimburse me for the return shipping costs of Bonsai’s defective product. I would not deal with the merchant, he is arrogant and difficult to deal with. Does not respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Immediately charged my Visa for the order but only sent the sandals after repeated e-mails as to when they would be shipped.

They state on their website that they ship first class mail, and they do. It just doesn’t say that they ship up to 2 weeks after you place the order and immediately charge your credit card.

they look really nice and soft

My husband got me a pair for Christmas, and I love them. I had problems with the thong portion chafing between my toes, but they broke in really fast. I admit it, my feet sweat, and get very cold & clammy, very difficult to warm up. Except on sub-20 deg days, these are my footwear of choice after work.

I have had major problems with this company - in my opinion DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO TRY THESE. I purchased a pair, had my PayPal charged immediately and got my sandals fairly quickly. I wore then the day I got them to try them out - all I did was walk half a block to my mailbox and back and I ended up with a huge blister on my foot. I received the wrong size and one of the sandals on closer inspection looked like it had been worn - the synthetic sheepskin was all flattened out. I sent an email immediately to inquire about a return authorization - they only give you 7 days to return for a refund. I didn’t get an answer so I returned them anyway. That was 4 weeks ago and my initital email was never answered, nor was my second or third. My return has not been aknowledged or a credit received. I hope that I am not out 40 bucks but it’s not looking good. WOOT please do not let them advertise on your site anymore - they are ripping people off big time, and the sandals are very poorly made.

Well what do you know, posting on WOOT must have been the magic touch. I got my refund for the sandals only, they won’t refund S&H even though they sent the wrong size, but at least I got most of my $$ back. I still say don’t even bother buying these sandals.

well, good for you, for getting at least a partial refund.
Those sandals look so ugly to me that I would never consider ordering them, but to each his own…