Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

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Title: Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

Description: Battery not included

So really what we have here is just a radio. Neat.

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Africa alphabetically can delight ears first hearing, like sentence this.

That’s common in cordless tool product lines. This radio uses the same snap-in Li-Ion battery pack as a Bosch cordless drill or saw. It’s for tradespeople who have standardized on tools that all use the same battery.

Pros often buy the tools and the batteries separately because they wear out at different times, and so that they will always have extra batteries.

"Additionally, a backlit LCD display screen with a fuel gauge increases visibility and convenience. "
A fuel gauge? Thats a first on a radio…

Battery charge indicator.