Bounty Hunter

Coloring looks great on the olive…

The asymmetries of the visor is even there!!


Ah, so this is the shirt I will be seeing in line for pre-ticket sales of the new Star Wars movie.

I guess he was too short to be a stormtrooper.

Very arresting design. It captures your attention immediately.

Just went to order myself one and found I was getting charged shipping and handling. When did they start charging s&h for their shirts?

Check it, yo.

A few months back. If I remember correctly they took off $4 from the price, but added S&H. As a result buying just one shirt is slightly more expensive but buying more save you money

Why such limited kids’ sizes?

Wish there was a color other than olive…

Awesome design. Not an olive guy (thought it works perfectly with the image). Congrats for first place!

Some guy wearing a thong over his face?

I don’t get it.

I’ve always wondered this for a lot of the shirts. At least for this one they have a size 4. I imagine it’s up to the sellers and they cater more to adults?

I’d have ordered several if the image was on the BACK!

Ah, alright. Thanks.

This shirt perfectly captures the Bounty Hunter - awesome!

So it says $7 + free shipping but when I go to buy it I am being charged $5 for shipping? What’s going on?

Erm, ah, this looks exactly almost like this item from Teefuy: .

Just saying.

If you’re looking at the app, there’s a known error with a free shipping message showing up. It is, in fact, $5 shipping. Our devs are working on updating the messaging in the app. Sorry for the confusion.