Pirate Trip

Brown is just not my color, otherwise a good shirt.

i was actually up and watching this time. ugh. it would be better if it wasn’t so crudely drawn…

Nice shadow work… too bad it’s not at all amusing. :expressionless:

First good shirt in two weeks! I think I will snag one…

Pewp brown? Yuck.

Crudely drawn, but I like it. Bought

For someone who’s done work for New York Times, the American Lung Association, Pfizer, it looks like he churned it out in a few hours without much enthusiasm.

bought. love the design and color!

also- a lot better than yesterdays

Wait. Why’s the pirate on stilts?

I don’t get it.

I like the concept, but the drawing has been done quite poorly. The perspective is way off. They guy on the stilts looks like he’s out of a Salvador Dali painting.

bleh who crapped this color out?

not quite my style… and i don’t like that mysterious brown goo under the pirate… oh wait thats an attempt at a shadow…
still love the derby winners over the weekday artists!

what the hell, did they go discount on the new artist? this and the last shirt have both been disappointing with the poor quality of the drawings


This makes me think of the nasty “pirate” joke.

Anybody else tired of the whole ninjas/pirates thing?

Don’t you mean…medieval and D&D thing?

This is the perfect shirt for those days when you’re wearing an eye-patch and walking around with a parrot on your shoulder.

Just in time for “Talk like a Pirate Day” that is on Sept 19th. Shiver me timbers.

Very good concept and execution. Just not my style though.