Congratulations Barthesis- Nice job on a clean design!


got one.



I was going thru my clothes one day and I saw too many dull, dark colors.
Less brown for me!


Hmm…another funny design that I’d never wear. Grats to the designer though!


Wow I can not believe both of these beat fablefires. Grats on winning, but man wooters, you be on it all night man you be on it all day straight up pimp if you want me you can find me in the AY up on it.


Shouldn’t the “Ninja” have been completely out of his frame or something? Cute idea; I dunno if I’ll buy it though…


eh, not so much for me.
i like the design, great as a poster or a sticker, or something, but i wouldn’t ever want to wear it on my shirt.


Yeah, less brown is very necessary.

I could use some light greys though, and a light blue or two.


This forever reminds me of the “invisible man action figure” i once bought a friend for christmas. It was basically a cardboard backing card, like action figures have, with a man-shaped plastic covering, and nothing underneath. It rocked.


I bought one…


I hope righty tighty lefty loosy is next.


Pretty sweet!


This is awesome, but the ninja block should be blank, or just a few lines (like wind)


i’d rather see creative thought process.
only time will tell…


it’s alright but the drawings could’ve been a bit different.

great concept, but pass.


guess i’ll go with 1…this time…


Did Shirt.Woot buy a bunch of brown shirts in bulk? Last night’s and then tonight too? I understand the brown for tonight because of the bathroom theme but last night. Cool shirt too but I spent too much money on the Woot Off over the last day and a half.


First woot! Too bad the BOC went so fast earlier.


I hate to be rude, but I feel like a majority of us wooters (not me, of course) have terrible taste. There were some fantastic designs, but they didn’t win–I’m really getting sick of these damn ninja/pirate/whatthehelleverelse jokes. No one I know really thinks they’re funny, nor do they look good on a shirt. But whatever, I can’t put down the democratic process. Clearly, majority rules–and the majority loves their memes. Righty tighty better win 3rd, or I’m just going to loose my mind over you guys.