Braces on Chompers

Braces on Chompers

Boom !

I got one!
Hopefully it will be filled with something Camping related since I will be going on a camping vacation shortly after this would get to me.

Got one!! Awaiting my full disappointment to be delivered! Now what am I going to do for the rest of the day, hmm browse woot! some more I guess :slight_smile:

wow, didn’t show up here. Wootstalker pop up and it was already gone.

BOOM! Been a while, but got one! Disappointment awaits!

WOOHOO…I finally got one! It has been a long time and I am up for some utter disappointment!

Is wootstalker way behind now? Seems like they are always sold out by the time wootstalker shows them.


Huzzah! Another sack of disappointment and regret inbound!

I think so. Seems the only way to get one these days is to refresh the chatter.