June 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!! 💩

Howdy Wooters!

This here nifty thread is for posting your BOC should you be so unlucky as to get one during the month of JUNE 2019!

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Remember that you’re promised these things from your BOC:

  • 3 items
  • A bag if we remember to put it in
  • Abject disappointment

If you get more than that, count your blessings or talk to someone about the disappointment that has swallowed up your life.

Order Snafus

You may find that your order got denied or canceled. While this seems totally unfair and you’ll be tempted to complain to anyone that will listen, here’s a few things for your consideration:

  • We will never have enough craps for those wishing to purchase craps.
  • At best, the ratio of people attempting to available craps are 3:1… if you’re lucky. Usually it’s more like 25:1 or more.
  • So many people try that it pushes our servers to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and just crash
  • The servers have been known to crash.

To keep the servers from crashing, we have an order queue. You’ll enter the “Vestibule of Patience” while you wait for your order to be accepted, denied, or canceled. You should not exit the Vestibule to try again because that just puts you at the back of the line.

  • If your order is accepted, then you can brag about your impending disappointment in this here thread and on your social media outlets of choice. :smiley:
  • If your order is denied, it’s nothing personal. It just means that we ran out before your order was processed. It’s our rude way of saying “Sorry!” :cry:
  • If your order was cancelled, you were so, so, so close. So close that your payment went through but gosh darn it, we ran out of BOCs before we assigned one to you. We have to reverse all that work to refund your hard earned money. :angry:

Remember to post what you get!

Now one of the things that makes the Bag of Crap so much darn fun is to see what everyone got. The only way to see what everyone got is if everyone comes back to post what you got. See the trend here?

Taking your crap and running off with just steals the fun from everyone, especially me. So please post what you get.


Since we don’t have quality posts, I promise to like every post sharing a bag of crap. Likes earn you cred points on this new forum. Like are good. I will give likes. :heart:

Cat_BOC%20Gif < Bad!!

So there you have it.

  • Prepare for disappointment
  • Post what you get
  • Earn :heart:

And let the waiting begin

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6-1-2019 4:32AM barn owl chorus (app game)

1 green stinky socks bag - always welcome
1 woot reconstituted chip bag clip
1 Chicago Bears Infinity scarf, navy and white seems to be discontinued 
	I'm liking it & it has the SMALLEST logo I've ever seen (about 1 cm squared)
1 plug in bug zapper, but I only want to zap mosquitoes, not everything that files at night
5 pack of iPhone 6 cases turquoise, pink, white, black and rose?
1 folding iPhone 6 case, plants & compass outside, pink inside with a lanyard 
		Hubs has my old iPhone six, but he would probably NEVER use any of these cases, unless his black fold over case met with an untimely end but the iPhone did not.

1 pair pretty nice cycling gloves size S - these fit me fine probably WOOT BOT wants me to get my bike out. It has Campy parts,
so it might still be OK if I inflated the tires.
1 Denver Broncos bowling shirt, size L, it fits me, but my son wants it so he’ll get it as a birthday present.

1 car wash mitt - green raggedy Andy side for washing & buffing, slinky blue side for getting off bugs
1 3 tool manicure kit with blue & green flowers on white. Is this a toy or a real small kit?
1 Carolina Panthers headband fits me so whats not to like?
This has the smallest logo I’ve ever seen on Sports Gear about 1 cm square.
1 set Pirates of the Caribbean walkie talkies, age 3+. only 2.5 years until great nephew is officially old enough for them, he may get them a bit sooner.
1 case for iPhone 6S just an edge case sis-in-law may still have 6S?
1 pair ultralight sport socks size L Look smaller than my feet. but package says they fit women’s size 10 and up, my feet are NOT that big!
pics will follow, including me pretending to bowl in the Broncos shirt!:laughing: see above!

Thanks WootBot!


Scored a Barn Owl Chorus from the digital app game on the 1st.
Awesome haul, I’m happily disappointed!
The big hits are the 24 inch inflatable zombie and the power puff girls playset. My girls are using the Alexa timer to take turns playing with them as I type this!
The rest of the BOC was pretty cool as well:
1 woot chip clip (super useful)
1 neat pool googles with nose clips
1 asuss phone case
3 shower scrunchie thingies ( mine was beat, good timing!)
1 womens Jaguar’s Cardigan Lg
1 pen/stylus
1 fish tank grass decoration (already added to my tank!)
1 liner absorber for women (saved for emergencies)
1 woot bag with the woot monkees
Loving the app game its the only way Ive managed to score crap in awhile! Thanks for the shenanigans!


Interesting BOC. My wife enjoyed it more than I…she loves the mystery bag concept.
4 iPhone cases (ball peen hammer would be much more appropriate for an iPhone…just ask Hillary)
49ers hoodie (nice…if that’s your team)
Texans Tshirt (anything from TX is fine, as long as it ain’t that Dallas NFL team)
2-pack of white out thingys (will need many more of those.
2 Fantastic Beasts coloring books (–> grandkids)
Woot chip clip (Woot…5 stars)
Woot shopping bag (Woot…5 stars)
Dz battery operated candles (use at my funeral)
2-pk scrubber sponges (great! Now I have to do the dishes)
Bouncing putty (crap! The dog ate it)
Yellow spiny guy (lights up when I’m “rough” with him
Hex wrench set (even below HF standards)
Overall, fun BOC. Can’t wait to compete for another.



Got my Free BOC from Thunderthighs today from the BOC raffle a couple weeks back. I have to say this is the first time I couldn’t identify what some of my items were without doing a web search. Some truly random stuff was bestowed upon me.

The list:

Woot bag value=Priceless…no seriously who can put a price on this?!?

Panthers football Medium T-Shirt value=$15?
Baseball seam bracelet value=$10
Viewmaster into the Labyrinth game value=$5
Wheel Brightz (white) led bike wheel strips value=$30
Angry Birds Bad Piggie Kigurumi (medium) value=$20?
Spike Ball Massager (2-pack) value =$5
Sterling Tools utillity knife kit set (8 piece) value=$15
Bacon and Eggs Screaming Woot Monkey value= FIGHT ME!!!

Now here is the weird stuff…truly random crap

Carpe Diem Acanthus center brace value=$18
- Not sure think this is for a bar holder or handle.
Team C Racing Ball Studs value=$5
-Looks like something for body piercing maybe?
2 X MOE Trigger guard for AR15/M16 value=$18

Total estimated value(if I really wanted to buy these) is $139


Great form!

And now his poop will bounce!!

I like that!!!


Too bad I forgot the Carolina Panthers headband, but I do think the red gardening clogs are a nice touch. :wink:

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Let me start by saying this is literally my first BOC. I’ve been a Wooter since before BOC’s existed, before Oprah added it to her greatest things list, back when Woot offered a mere item a day, so this BOC has been a looooooong time coming! Ok, lets begin:
A Tale of June Craps, $10’s of Bison on Cars
My Bag of Crap, Bag o’ Cat, Falfie was eager to get his mitts on this “Bison” we were invoiced for, so much so I dare you to implore.

“MMMMM Meaty!”
When our delivery woman (un)cautiously dumped our Craps on the porch, BOC Falfie parkoured his way to the window on June Forth!
Uncontrollably meowing in anticipation of his surprise, a wild juicy animal 2,000 times his size.
We started pulling items out and what did we see, well for sure no cars, nor bison for BoC Falfie.
Falie stayed posted in his Bag you see, he is a good boy, but lazy & leaves the reading to me.
While it was clear there was no bison in this box of great feasts, he heard me speak of delectable dolphins, cardinals, pheasants and fantastic beasts!
OshaBOC_Phesant “Forget the bison, I’m ready for birds and beasts. My oh my, what delicious treats!”
I explained that the cardinals were just a metal inlay of a cup & dolphins were cotton, a small shrine to Miami’s bad luck.
That peasants weren’t pheasants at all, as were the beasts, both just made of paper standing tall.
BOC Falfie was now sneering while looking ready to pounce. But wait, I exclaimed, a message from Woot’s Ed is here on a pouch!
“Change comes from within,” I quoted to him, as I pulled out two $50 chips as I showed a huge grin!
BOC Falfie gave his best imitation of Al Pacino, as he meowed, “Ok Google, find Deadwood Casino!!”
Google found no Deadwood casino at all, as BOC Falfie’s disappointment no longer could stall.
And now to this end, I leave a special note to Woot Ed, my friend:
Well placed in this BOC was a spool of medical tape, because unlike this garden flag, BOC Falfie is no Saint.
With no meats insight BOC Falie’s excitment is now spent, we’re left only with his look of utter disappointment.
So now this tale must come to an end. Wait no, I forgot to mention this crappy Astro’s pen!


That is quite the tale, @jgraham282. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to snuggle Falfie. Please give him a good belly rub for me.

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Thanks @peaceetc Falfie (short for Alfalfa) is spoiled rotten, and is usually the one telling me when it’s cuddle time! But he worked hard on this one, lol, so extra cuddles are in order! :wink:


That was an awesome post! I hope Falfie’s disappointment was tempered with some kitteh snackies.

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I was not home to receive my first BOC, but my husband very kindly opened the box and photographed the contents:

The “white noise” machine retails for $80, so I can’t honestly claim to be dissapointed. The box did include sidewalk chalk, modelling clay, etc. stuff for kids, but that will go to my neighbors’ kids, so I’m not really disappointed in that, either. I’m under 5ft tall, so even the seat belt shoulder pads will really come in handy. Ok, so I’m a little disappointed over not receiving a cool flying monkey toy, or a Chromebook, but maybe next time… Thank you!


He took that excitement from you of opening your very first BOC? I hope you gave him the stink eye.

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My first BOC in quite a long while and was pretty happy with it!

Content Listed in no particular order:
Priceless Green Woot bag
NY Jet’s Ribbon Organizer Wallet
Woot Chip Clipper that says “WARNING! Stale Chips Inside”
An XL Adidas Climalite White Golf Shirt (woot!)
100% Extra Soft Cottom Warm and Comfortable Throw (50x60)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them - A Magical Movie Handbook
An XL Under Armour Orange/Black Tech shirt (ugly as sin)
Real Fish Bait Company - 2 pack Swimbait (2.50" SHAD Sexy)
A Carabiner Stretch Cord - 36"
1 Piece Seal Vacuum Bag (no vacuum)


Those sealing bags are great! We used them to pack my son for college. Bedding. Towels. Pillows.

haha never used one before, guess i should go look around to see how much an actual vacuum cost for one of those

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Got myself a BOC after playing the ol’ Monkey Jumper at 3:45 am because our neighbors were yelling for their dog and our windows were open. Never has frustration morphed to bliss so quickly. Can’t wait! I feel like they usually weigh less, but my current one says 9.7 lbs. I’m making sure to get my hopes up sky high.


That’s the way to do it. Be sure to document it when your hopes come crashing down around you and make you wonder what you’re doing with your life.


We’re moving, and supposed to be getting rid of crap. If I don’t post the contents of the one I just scored, it’s because he killed me for doing the opposite.


We’ll be watching the news and hope that we don’t see you in the headlines.