Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver System

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Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver System
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 22 to Wednesday, Apr 23) + transit
Condition: New


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[MOD: Model number matches but it does look a bit different.]

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn some tips and tricks and maintenance advice

I don’t think that the above-posted video review is for the version that woot is selling.

[MOD: Model number matches but it does look a bit different.]

Amazon price is $103 and free shipping.

This doesn’t seem to be a real deal.

I have this exact same model already and absolutely love it.

$9 in savings is 8% off the discounted Amazon price. That’s nothing to shake a finger at.

Yea…not much of a deal whatsoever. One of the weakest ‘deals’ I have seen in months maybe even years. Not even $10 of savings and spending $95…

I have been using the same electric razor for 8 years and typically just use the trimmer real quick so the cost of this isn’t worth it to me even though I was somewhat in the market.

Ouch, was a much better deal back in Dec 2012.

That said, I’ve been happy with the one I picked up back then. Only downside is that the old clean and renew system I had with a Braun had a fan to help with the dry phase.

[MOD: Holiday deals are often better.]

A gift for mommy dearest! You know, just in case the bearded lady is your mom. I like you Woot!, you think of everyone.

390cc is way too big to shave with. My weed whacker doesn’t even have a motor that big. What were they thinking?

So how many uses does that cleaning cartridge last, and what’s the cost to buy a replacement?

I have had the series 7 model and over the past 2 years, while I only use it intermittently, the series 7 is the best electric shaver I have ever used and it really gives an “almost” blade shave. Don’t know the difference between the series 3 and 7 but highly recommend the series 7

I bought this about a year and a half ago from woot. I think it was $59.99. I replaced my Norelco with it.

I don’t think the shave is a close as the Norelco and it certainly takes more effort to get all the whiskers (angles aren’t as good). Plus, it requires “clean and renew” units every 60 days or so. They’re about $5.00 each. All in all, it’s expensive to buy and expensive to use. There are better shavers out there.

I had the top line model of this. To be honest I was never really happy with it. I really had to work to get a close shave, sometimes to the extent it was quicker to use a blade. It seemed to work better if you miss shaving for a day, I guess it had more hair to hang on to. For a normal morning shave though it seemed to struggle… and I would point out that my beard growth is about average. Just over a year after I bought it the cleaning unit / charging station malfunctioned. The fluid chamber where the solution is pumped into to clean the razor kept over filling thereby creating a spectacular albeit somewhat messy fountain when the razor started as part of the cleaning process. It splashed high enough to hit the bathroom mirror although it did show that the fluid does an EXCELLENT job of cleaning mirrors if you wipe it off quickly with a paper towel. I looked online to find a replacement for the cleaning unit, and while I can’t remember the price I decided that given my other issues with the razor it wasn’t worth spending that money. So I ended up buying a Norelco which in my opinion does a way better job. Maybe this razor would work for you, and I see several positive comments, and one reason I bought it initially were some positive reviews I found online from reputable sources, but in my case I would have to say I would never buy another one.

I have the 7 series which uses the same cleaning cartridges. They don’t last that long because the alcohol evaporates, even when you aren’t cleaning the shaver.

They cost about $6.00 per cartridge.

I have not been happy with my Braun shaver as the battery is very weak and the cleaning system always breaks before the shaver. I’m on my second series 7 now and it will be my last Braun purchase.

… and Schweinsteiger is the German footballer.


I’ve owned this shaver for about a year now, and it’s a very good shaver. This price doesn’t particularly impress me, but if you need a new shaver, this is a good one to get. I make my own cleaning cartridge refills from isopropyl alcohol and glycerin and have been doing so for 10 months without a problem.

does this work good on bald heads?

Couldn’t agree more. As those cleaning cartridges are expensive, I’m just waiting to use my last one before buying something else. The Braun has been an overpriced to start and maintain unit for a very lackluster shave.