Breaking out Criminals

Breaking out Criminals

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Wow you all are so fast haha

Yay first time getting one! My husband couldn’t get one cause he’s locked out from last month hahahaha


Still 31% left!

That’s true love <3

went as fast as I could, and it was already at 55%. now in the VOP

I have no chance with my slow internet :frowning:

In for one!!!

Well I learned my last BoC was less than 31 days ago

Meanwhile really REALLY hoping y’alles will have a small wet vac after 9 tonight. I just was told I need one for draining my fountain and keeping the crud out of it

Pweez @davejlives can has small wetdry shops vac the last hour Pweez


Yep. And I’m still sitting in the VOP… WHY?!? :sob:

You are only allowed to crap once per 31 days. It’s painful, but necessary.

No BOC for NoBOC

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Been a while since I’ve even tried for one, but man that waiting room really does actually pull through sometimes.

Sat in it and watched the percentage drop down to 10% but next thing I know, I’m at login screen and able to purchase.

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In vestibule a while…then…I got it!
Happy birthday woot!

I hate the text in the VOP.

I feel like it’s laughing at me.

Wow third time today when I saw it in the main page, they weren’t sold out. Got one earlier, so maybe they are being extra generous today. Maybe there will be a ticket for a free rocket ride in mine!

Even beyond that, the last text snippet doesn’t make sense. SHOULD I be waiting if it’s my first time in the VOP? It’s a crappy statement to give with no idea on how it functions given from the text.

Happy Birthday Woot! Luckily another Bandolier of Cabbages as a gift!

Ok so am I reading things wrong? I reaaaaaaaly don’t want to poop on anyone’s party here but I thought BOC was one per house? There were comments yesterday about users who were unable to purchase a BOC for their relative at the same address. Is that not accurate?

And to top it off I was never given an answer about whether or not other woot deals or coupons fell under the same restriction. What about spouses or roomates with woot accounts?

Ahhh the VOP.

So it’s by design to not kill the servers. It’s the checkout line. Wait around a few minutes before you exit it. I think 3-5 minutes is the average.