Breville 15 Bar Triple-Prime Die-Cast Espresso & Cappuccino Maker



Got one. I like it.

It’s not up to the quality of a real cafe espresso maker - it wont make hundreds of shots a day and hold up, but its damn good for a home machine.


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3+ stars at Amazon for $524.89?!?!:

Edit: That is the price for new, dliidlii pointed out that I didn’t say that. See below for rest of correction.


What’s the difference between recertified and refurbished?


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bought this exact one a real long time ago (back in 94) One word LOVE it. Bought refurbed for $20 more on woot. or was it sellout.woot, don’t remember. but anyway. This espresso mechine here is the bomb makes amazing espressos and cappuccinos every single time. Comes with this small needle that helps clean the steamer and as well as the different pods that come along with this espresso. a must buy for any person who’s been serious about espressos and cappuccinos but has been holding out on one. this one is just amazing, so simple to use, a cave man can do it.


Does the writer of the woot description realize that it’s espresso, not expresso?
I hope so.


Some videos:

Pulling shots

Latte art



I got a similar Breville model on Woot a while ago and it didn’t work. Breville’s customer service was great - they shipped a return label and a brand new machine.

Unfortunately the new machine didn’t work very well. We stored as a backup to whatever machine my husband prefers now.


Here’s the manual.


Yes… espresso, NOT expresso!

This is a cheap price for this machine… you should get unpressurised baskets for it though, if you are serious and want to use freshly ground coffee.


And to think, all these years, I thought the idiom was, “For all in tents, and porpoises.”


Review at coffeegeek

Talk About Coffee

Excellent Espresso Machines



The description has several little jokes; so yes, I think they’re quite aware.


Is that the sound of steam in skim milk or the sound of the joke whooshing by? It’s so hard to tell…


The same thing happened to me when I bought mine. Called Customer Service and got a brand new for free, no extra shipping nothing, free. Have had no problems at all with it, works like a charm every single day.


The spelling.


Tee hee…
As a self-confessed grammar joik, I thought this write-up was hilarious. Had to stifle larfs to keep from waking the wife.

I have a VERY simular item, and I can vouch for it. If you’re patient and you experiment a little with it, you’ll find the flavor and consistency you’re looking for. I use a (forgive me) ground coffee readily available at a gigantic evil corporation’s ubiquitous stores. It’s currently in a white-and-purple can. I grind it further in a regular-boy spin-type grinder and I get a flavor very similar to that which I fell in love with while working as a barista. Baristo? I dunno…
Anywho, it sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. I recommend it.


I have this exact model for a couple or more years… I love it… works great!