Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker

Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker

$89.99 + $5 shipping

condition: refurbished

Pricing for future reference

Is this the espresso machine that woot previously offered that had issues with spewing hot water?
EDIT: Apparently not, that was the “Breville 15-Bar Die-Cast Espresso & Cappuccino Maker”

I got one of these a couple of weeks ago from, (refurb) and it’s outstanding. Best espresso I’ve ever had. Simple to use, large water reservoir, removable drip tray, and easy to clean.

Some people complain that the filter basket clogs. It’s an odd construction, that could clog if your grinds are too small, but I haven’t had a problem. Mine didn’t have the rubber attachment for the steam wand, but it froths well without it, so it wasn’t a loss.


woot is owned by Breville and Roomba Inc.

This is a really good deal at this price. Review consensus seems to be that it is a very good entry level machine. I wish I needed a new espresso maker.

Reviews on Amazon say factory refurbished units don’t include the accessories…not sure whether to worry about that or not.

Still, ~$125 or so is the lowest price I see for a non-auction refurb unit elsewhere, so it looks like a decent deal. My 10yo+ Krups unit COULD use a replacement. Hmmm…

Got one a woot-off ago or so, and it included accessories.

It does make good esspresso. My steam wand does not look like the one pictured here.

OK…Xmas present FOR ME!!! :wink:

Got this in Oct. and it didn’t work out of the box. Contacted Breville (took MANY attempts) and they sent a brand new one in exchange. It’s a dud as welll–water isn’t hot enough; steam wand spews water for 30 secs. and this is after following their directions, including preheat, to the letter. Wrote to ask if there was anything we were doing wrong. Got instructions that would require 7 mins. per cup. Haven’t tried it yet but, even if that works, this is NOT the machine we want. I had high hopes based on other Wooters’ experiences too.

Oh, the steam wand on the new one was like the one pictured. It replaced the other version with the rubber thing on the end.

Coffee geek review:

[Overall Rating 7.4, Based on 24 Reviews]

Veterans and snobs will obviously avoid this one, however, entry level and beginner baristas should probably grab one of these.

Don’t skimp on the grinder. A poor grinder (any blade grinder) will consistently make a junk push. Make sure its a reputable burr grinder.

Nothing will keep you warm during Christmas, like a good mocha. And burboun.

i ordered one in oct as well, the water res. leaks all over my counter when ever i use it but i have no other issues. maybe i should contact breville as well, but not sure if it is worth the time or if i should just look at the thing my self…any suggestions?

Doesn’t really matter since I already moved on two, but I am curious. What does 15 bar mean? Is it a way of measuring the pressure of the machine? Thank you for the help.

bar can be used as a measurement for pressure

Worth it. Everyone at the office chipped in and we got this same unit. Ours also leaked, but a contact to breville and they sent us a new unit. This one doesn’t leak.

The problem is the white o-ring where the water reservoir contacts the input of the water. You can see it if u take out the water reservoir and look inside. Someone posted on another item/board that they fixed it themselves by centering the o-ring themsevels.

15 bar? That roughly 217 psi, right?

15 bar = 217.556607 pounds per square inch

google says so :slight_smile:

I am stationed in Honduras and these guys ship to APO addresses! WOOT! This will go great with the local coffee! Thanks Woot!

I got one back in Oct. It broke two weeks ago, water and steam everywhere. Followed all of their instructions with no luck. I’m going to contact Breville for assistance when I get an opportunity, though I’d recommend a different machine.

I got one of these (refurbinated) from Woot a month or two ago and I love it as well. I’ve had no problems with mine as far as water leaking, etc. It heats up quickly and is dead simple to use. It does pee some water out of the steam wand for a couple of seconds (not 30 on mine tho’) so I usually throw a towel on the countertop and switch to steam wand and let the water out before steaming milk.
Mine came with the basic parts as well as a milk steaming jug but no cups. Very happy with it!