Brooklyn Brew Shop Afternoon Wheat Beer Kit

Here’s a link to the kit on the Brookland Brew Shop website. This kit is a good way to get started with all grain brewing. The kit with the bottles, caps and capper is a good deal.

Blueberry Pancake Ale!
Chocolate Donut Dunkelweizen
Waffel Haus Weizenbier

I received one of these sets a few years ago as a christmas gift.

It was fun and novel, albeit not entirely practical. It will take about 1 month for about a 6 pack of beer (which if you’re as skilled a brewer as I am, will come out tasting like a poorer man’s natty light). But still fun none the less!

$35.75 on Amazon.

Did I ever tell you about how woot used to have deals?

Oh c’mon, Woot!! That’s even on your own site!

I fully agree that Woot Gourmet almost NEVER has a good deal (and I call them out on it), and that the broader Woot site generally does not anymore, as well. But, that said, your’s is a link not to the full KIT (with fermentor, etc.) they’re selling here, but simply to the grain MIX to make the beer if you already have the gallon bottle, etc. sold in this kit - i.e., your link is not to the starter kit. (Still not all that great of a deal, though - see my comment below.)

These are VERY GOOD starter kits for someone wanting to begin learning about and experimenting with beer making. It gives you a good hands-on idea about all-grain beer making, and these mixes/recipes can produce good results. I’ve bought/used two of these kits before, and I still use the one-gallon fermenter for 1-gallon recipes using local homebrew shop grains/supplies. But this is only a very mediocre deal - I have found mine for cheaper in the past (which is why I’ve bought two), and it’s only $5 less expensive than on Amazon itself. Yeah, sure, a bit less than on the mothership, but not a huge deal compared to that, and you might be able to find it for less elsewhere (as I’ve done twice in the past).

Not the same thing. The complete kit here on Woot is $39.99 on Amazon.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Afternoon Wheat Beer Making Kit

These are great and make great beer! I’ve drunk alot of it ;p

I’ve used it before and loved it. Make sure you have a big enough strainer for when you need to transfer something from one pot to the next. Found out the hard way, lol.

Too bad I can’t just get the capper and bottles for the difference of $15 :stuck_out_tongue: Imgflip Meme Generator

I’ve been brewing for 32 years. I get the most “requests” for my Chocolate Milk Breakfast Stout…:wink:

Nothing says great beer like Caribou Slobber.

Yet, he’s not wrong, is he?