Brooklyn Brew Shop Starter Kits

Brooklyn Brew Shop Starter Kits

Y’know how much beer you can buy for $50 at Sam’s or Costco?
I understand that it might be fun creating your own beer but most of the fun involved with beer has to do with drinking it in a flagon at The Green Dragon

Is it possible to brew hard cider utilizing the equipment included here? Obviously with different ingredients than provided…

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Yes, you can ferment cider in this as well. I make applewine with Costco apple juice and champagne yeast in similar equipment frequently.

Note: this kit, like many starter kits, includes cleaner but does not appear to include sanitizer. The latter wards off other organisms from getting into your beverage. Poor sanitization and temperature control are two major factors leading to bad brews. Look up StarSan by 5Star on Amazon and get a small bottle to go with this.


It sure is!!! I’ve got their cider kit and the equipment is all the same

It’s actually cheaper to buy this from Brooklyn brew directly. 45 bucks!!

I see $85 on their site.