BUILT NY Laptop/Tablet/Camera Cases



Stylish neoprene gave me a smile. Which offer do you think is the most stylish?


I was amused by the second photo of the 16" laptop envelope. A sly commentary on the future of laptops?

I think I’m gonna buy it, but a prettier color would have been nice…


Interested in this. But will it fit an Ipad .Does it have any pouches inside ?


Not clear which “this” you’re referring to, as this discussion covers all the items in the Built sale. The Netbook envelope’s description specifically says that it also fits an iPad, and that it has an interior pocket.


I’m totally going to snag the 16" messenger bag, I love this style of man-bag!


Hi all!

I am a BUILT rep here to help with any questions you have!

Our iPad 2 Ergonomic Hard Cases are super strong and our neoprene products protect your gadgets as you travel!


Can you use the smart cover with the Ipad hard case?


These cases are really cute! They’re so cute I went to the company website to check sizes and see what else they had. The netbook & DVD portfolio is originally $35 there, so amazing deal here…but unless I’m misreading something or not looking at the correct product, it’s on clearance on their site for $8.99. Even adding $6.95 for shipping it’s still cheaper there.
Sorry…I really don’t want to be a bummer, and the cases are very cute and I’ve bookmarked the site for future reference.


Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve lowered our price to $10 to remain competitive.

As always, if you already purchased this item, you will be refunded the difference. Customer Service will most likely send you an email before long.


Will the Kindle sleeve also fit a Kindle Touch?


I can fit my 13” MacAir in this 11-13” messenger, sweet. I have a laptop sleeve from this company already, a 17” HP laptop.


I have a 15.6 in laptop (I believe). Will that fit in this one, does anyone know?

BUILT NY Medium Laptop Case 15" E-LT15-OLV


Hi Elanor!

The Kindle Reversible Sleeve will fit the Kindle Touch perfectly and zipper fully for protection of your device!


Hi QueeGeeBo!

I would recommend you to get the 16" Messenger instead for the 15.6 laptop you own.

The Olive Laptop Case maxes out at a 15" size and would be too snug for your 15.6


Cool, thanks!


Does the kindle sleeve fit the Kindle 2 (second generation w/keyboard)


Hi cobaltgrl!

The smart cover can not be used with hard case - I would recommend the netbook portfolio or one of the smaller envelope product. Both items can fit your charger and headphones along with your smart cover + iPad

I use just the iPad2 Hard Case and not even the smart cover any more!


For the BUILT rep - Will the Netbook Portfolio fit an iPad 2 in a case? Our iPad 2 is in a case very similar to your ergonomic hard case. I wasn’t sure if the Netbook Portfolio was designed to fit an iPad/netbook snugly or had a bit of wiggle room. Thanks!
(And, btw, I have your laptop tote and love, love, love it!)


Trying to order a Ipad case and a camera case in the same order. Is that possible,if so how?