Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 3.0 Stand Bag

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Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 3.0 Stand Bag
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Would it be sad if I owned a golf bag that was more expensive than my set of clubs?

Or, you could just pay a caddy $20 to haul around your single-decorative-strap 100lb leather cart bag all day. Because that’s what they’re there for.

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Product sales page: $129.99 with 5 reviews:,default,pd.html

Amazon: $89.99-$160, 4 reviews (2 four star, 2 five star):

I may be headed back into hibernation soon, thanks y’all.

If the bag cost $70, the answer would be “yes.”

golf.woot continues! Quick poll: How many of you wooters actually golf? (not I)

You would think that this bag could have separate openings for each club for that price.

Today’s write-up is clearly based on THIS!

Only if i played golf, or fucked whores like Tiger Woods.

i do, quite a bit. this is a very good deal. i already have a pretty new stand bag, though. wish i’d got in on the balls the other day.

no separate putter divider = fail

Not necessarily, most likely your cheap set of clubs came with a very heavy bag. If you plan on walking, a nice light bag will take more strokes off of your game than better clubs.

If you bought this bag and rode a cart, that would be considered sad.

If I hit a small white ball a 100 yards. Then spend 15 minutes looking for, I’m not going to hit it again. Duh

I hear ya. Spent $50 on my used club set.

But have spent $150 since then on a driver, putter, wedges. Still need new irons now, though. Would feel silly with the ones I have and this bag.

I did try golfing once. I could not get past the windmill so I gave up.

Is this the golf bag this guy uses?

Because this isn’t a usb girlfriend everyone wants to get on woot’s case. I am digging the golf woot. I am an avid golfer and will gladly pick up some golf equips from woot, however this bag is not for the golfer who carries alot of clubs. Regardless of the golf product, good on ya woot!

Personally, I prefer the $20 caddy - at least you know since they want a tip there will be one person on the course that won’t laugh.