Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Printer

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Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Printer
Price: $79.99
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Canon PIXMAs rock. Great color, wonderful prints, excellent software and features. I never have trouble with mine. Totally recommend.

Does having to buy 5 ink cartridges kill the deal? How much is ink going to cost me?

I have a PIXMA MX882 (similar t0 this one 'cept it is black and does the faxes) and I lovers it.

“Making copies…the copy machine…copy makkkiiinnnn’…copies…copymachinarino…the copier…copymeister!”

Check out this solid review on a similar model over at

[MOD EDIT: Link is for different model; MG6320 (not MMG6420)]

It should be noted, that review is for the 6320 model, not the 6420 being sold here. This review compares the two and claims there are pretty significant differences.

This is the newer version of the printer I just fled screaming away from. Mine was the mx860. I don’t know if it’s an issue that has been resolved in newer printer models, but I would warn that you look into it’s ink consumption.

It’s a perfectly good printer, and while a little slow, it functions well. Scans reasonably.
The ink consumption is just absolutely astonishingly high. It’s the inkjet that pushed me to buy a laser.
I too fell for the low price initial purchase price.
I’ve owned many other inkjets in the past, and my pixma purchase was the final nail in the coffin. That subtle maybe I’m being ripped off feeling over the ink wasn’t at all subtle with my 860.

You can get the cartridges refilled at Costco for about $10 each. The ‘startup cartridges’ that it comes with have very little ink in them. Costco will give them a complete fill.

This particular model seems to get great reviews, and I would recommend it based on having had a Pixma that worked flawlessly for years and years (an MP610). I used it constantly and loved it very dearly; it finally just died of old age. HOWEVER: I have learned the hard way that if you don’t use your Canon printer regularly - like a college student, for example, who might pack it away for a while between semesters - it fails and is irreparable unless you replace the print head, which costs about as much as a new printer. (This happened to TWO of my kids.) As far as I know this problem is specific to Canons.

Costco won’t refill chipped canon cartridges. (This was true at least 1 year(ish) ago when I tried.)

You’re stuck buying lower quality chipped ones on ebay and getting pretty sub-par results, or buying canon’s own brand cartridges, which by most peoples standards are a complete rip off.
Initially I thought that the 5 cartridge idea was a great one. I’d only have to idly replace the ones that were empty.
It doesn’t work this way at all.
They are TINY. They literally empty themselves just through routine nozzle cleanings and drying out.

Again, the printer results are good, but at least be knowledgeable about the financial agreement you’re stepping into here.
There’s a reason why the units are so low cost and seem to offer so much.
They’re also designed to disallow the use of continuous ink cartridge systems. (The interior by the heads is completely enclosed and actually closes and overlaps to prevent you from using CISS systems.

They’re vehicles for ink sales.

The ink is already available in generic form. The quality isn’t quite as good. But for anything not professional it is fine. And the ink is a breeze to change as well. I bought this on amazon on sale for 100 and I would pay that price again.

Just buy the generic ones for normal printing. They work great for anything not photo quality. And just have some on hand for photo stuff. It takes like 5 seconds to change a cartridge.

does this run off batteries? or are they lying when they call it “wireless”?

Wireless connectivity to your computers or mobile devices, not wireless power.

If MG6320 is indeed a better model (based on the review, it is), then it is available at for $70 (blue) and $75 (white) free ship now.

I have had great luck with my PIXMA printer. I have an older one from “before wireless” gasp but it has been plugging along (get it?) for years. I want to upgrade to wireless but I just can’t seem to justify it because my current printer is fine. But all that said, if this one takes the same ink cartridges as my current one, then I am going to get it anyway. I think I have 20 ink cartridges in the queue.

I’m a photographer trying to set up a photobooth type thing at clubs and in the studio.

I tired to use a older model so i can send photos from camera directly to the printer (with a eye-fi card). It didnt work out too well.

I then was forced to connect it to my macbook in order to print. The colors came out all off. A friend told me that canon printers usually work better on PC. That seemed strange to me.

If anyone can recommend a wifi printer that can do what I described I’ll love you forever (and where I dont have to buy a PC laptop).