Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger

This reminds me of an old michael bolton song from 1982?


yeah! woot! this item is good for listening

man u must live in the mid west… meijer is only indiana michigan and some illinois

Almost everyone who would use one of these already has at least one.

yeah meijer! thats awesome.

so check it out.
in portland they have “fred meyer” as the grocery store. no joke.

Looks like a good honda car to me!

and ohio!


Will some rich guy just buy 500 of them?

this is probably better quality than that bluetooth.

no really… at the end of the 1040 form they actually ask you if you have any internet purchases to declare… and then they want you to pay some sort of idiot tax… what the?

is the car charger for the phone or for the headset?

And here I want the glasses

Fucking someone buy these things and lets move along

I think there now exist more bluetooth headsets than there are human ears in the world.