Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger



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Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset
  • 1 Cardo Car Charger for Scala 600

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give me the glasses too


Same thing seen before… sigh.


okay maybe if it just hovers a few inches off the floor…


YES!! Just what I wanted!


I want the glasses and face disguise… :slight_smile:


Why can we not have the glasses too? include the glasses and I am in for 3.



il take the glasses


I’m expecting the glasses in the box, because it doesn’t say they’re not going to be.


Oh, I want the glasses! Then I can be incognito!


ugh! okay, let the “does it come with the glasses??” and “no glasses, no sell” comments begin


could they possibly have like a laptop this is my first woot off how long does it keep going


How much for the glasses?


more bluetooth would not be woot with out a head set


I swear they were selling the glasses at first


I scoff at Connecticuts no cell phone law…no bluetooth for me!


I thought it was the glasses and almost bought one…


mine broke 3 weeks after i got it , had to send it back into company